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Recharging electric vehicles in shopping centers


People who use electric vehicles are always looking for places where they can recharge them. For this reason, shopping centres and supermarkets are gearing up to offer a charging service.



The advantages of recharging in shopping centres

  • Possibility of using the recharging time within the shopping facility
  • Presence of high-power and universal charging points
  • The shopping complex acquires an innovative and environmentally friendly image
  • Charging can also be used for electric work vehicles operating in the facilities


Charging electric vehicle with charging station


Charging electric cars in shopping centres

Shopping centres that decide to provide recharging services offer an image of an innovative and environmentally aware company. In addition, they succeed in attracting new customers who will spend the time necessary for recharging inside the shopping centre. The charging stations in shopping centres are simple, easy to use and universal. Alkè electric vehicles, thanks to the standard on-board battery charger and the charging column extension, can also be recharged from columns with a Type 2 socket. From the beginning of 2013 onwards, the various EU member states adopted a single standard for electric car charging, so all charging stations must have the same type of socket (Type 2 IEC62196) and must be interoperable. Alkè has always fitted chargers with standard high-frequency sockets that do not require any special external equipment. This makes it possible to recharge your vehicle virtually anywhere and at any time. Recharging can be slow (4-8 hours) or fast (1-2 hours) depending on the power delivered by the charging point. In Italy, too, in order to increase the efficiency of electric columns, experiments are beginning to be carried out with so-called flash columns, which allow 80% of a battery to be recharged in about 30 minutes.


Electric work vehicle for shopping centres Alke'


Electric work vehicle for shopping centres

Commercial parks are also moving towards the use of electric work vehicles within their facilities. Alkè vehicles, for example, have already been used for years in various types of business parks. These vehicles can then be recharged at the charging points made available to customers. Alke work vehicles are extremely robust and guarantee high performance while being compact. In commercial facilities, as in other sectors, these vehicles are used intensively without any problems. For example for the logistics of trolleys, which have to be taken from the parking areas to the internal sorting areas. The vehicles used in these facilities must then be operational for practically the entire working day, and Alkè vehicles with their autonomy guarantee this.


Electric vehicles for transport and maintenance in shopping centres


The configurations chosen by commercial centres

Alke electric work vehicles have a wide range of equipment options. Generally in shopping centres, the most requested configurations are the loading bed with opening side panels; the steel mesh sides; the aerial platform, used for maintenance activities at high altitude; and the security and surveillance vehicles. Alke' vehicles are in fact used for maintenance activities, for towing, and for surveillance inside the structure.


Electric vehicles for commercial facility logistics


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