Electric security vehicles Alke'

Electric security vehicles



Electric vehicles for surveillance and security activities. They are able to reach areas where other vehicles would have difficulty getting to, such as closed or confined spaces.


Why should you choose an Alke' security vehicle?

  • 100% electric: zero emissions and no noise
  • Possibility to arrive everywhere, narrow spaces and closed places
  • Ideal for use in: indoor areas, airports, large car parks, amusement parks, campsites, etc.
  • Approved for road circulation
  • Loading area for transporting equipment


Electric security vehicles

For patrol, security and surveillance services
Electric vehicle for security - vigilance - surveillance Alkè


Electric vehicles for security and surveillance operators

Alke' electric vehicles are suitable for use by security and surveillance operators. In particular, these vehicles have the great advantage of being able to be used in closed places, in narrow spaces and to be able to quickly reach the place of intervention thanks to their compactness and manoeuvrability. Electric security vehicles are used in industrial plants, shopping centres, large car parks, amusement parks, campsites, airports and much more, for both day and night control. These vehicles are more robust than the golf cars usually used, allowing operators to move around for emergency management as well as transporting material to the loading area.


Golf car for private security Alkè


High-performance golf car for private security and surveillance in large areas

Alke work vehicles are more robust and sturdy than golf cars, which are frequently used for private and non private security activities, and for this reason they are chosen by those who deal with surveillance and emergency management, such as fire-fighting. As well as being particularly robust they are also very agile, in fact they lend themselves to being used in confined spaces such as the streets of some cities or the aisles between shelves. They are also particularly suitable in situations where there is a high density of people because they can pass easily and faster than other vehicles as well as not emitting any type of emissions.


Emergency management and patrol vehicles Alkè


Emergency management vehicles - Main characteristics

The Alke' vehicles are extremely compact but at the same time have a high load capacity of up to 1,630 kg, allowing to load on the platform the necessary equipment for first aid or emergency or surveillance support. Full electric, they are perfect for moving easily between people as well as in areas at risk of explosion. The Alke' ATX range also includes the ATEX version, explosion-proof vehicles used for security in oil plants, tunnels and natural gas production sites, to name but a few. Alkè vehicles can be customised both in terms of colour and lighting by installing special headlights or bar flashing lights. In case the vehicle has to circulate only inside a private area, such as for example a factory or a camping site, homologation is not necessary. If the vehicle has to circulate on the road, it is essential to have a vehicle with a number plate and in the case of Alke' vehicles all are approved with category N1 at European level.


Civil Protection

civil protection electric vehicle for emergency management

Military vehicles

Electric military vehicles patrolling

Security vehicle - ATEX

explosion-proof ATEX vehicle for security use



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