If your business requires a fleet of vehicles or a single one find out how to save on insurance costs and on other running costs with electric vehicles.    

Electric commercial vehicle insurance 
Saving on insurance costs with electric vehciles 

Those that use commercial vehicles for their business, both a fleet of vans and only one will know how expensive can be running costs: fuel, road tax, insurance, servicing and repairs. For that reason more and more buyers are choosing electric vans, not also more economical to run but also allow to reduce your carbon footprint. Electric vehicles running costs are significantly less, coming in at around 2.5 euro per kilometer compared to the 10 euro per kiolometer you'd pay to run even an economical petrol or diesel van.
It has been done a very interesting study that allows the calculation of the break even point of electric cars. This study highlights the cost of fuels of various types of electric cars and normal petrol / diesel cars.  
In addition, electric commercial vehicles are not subject to road tax and they might also be exempt from city centre congestion charges.

The major difference that you will notice than combustion vehicles is that the motor is silent, a good thing if you have to use it in hours in the day when it is best not to make any noise.

With an increasing number of all-electric cars and vans on the market, the insurance companies are providing specific electric commercial vehicles insurances and because electric cars do not have high top speeds and are not seen as 'performance' vehicles, then electric van insurance quotes can come down as they are seen as less of a risk.
In addition, some providers offer substantial insurance discounts on vans with ecologically sound features. 

With lower running costs, tax benefits and lower insurance quotes, electric commercial vehicles can become an attractive choice for businesses. In addition many users of vans make short trips in urban areas to make deliveries, so electric vehicles may be a good investment for their business.

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