Electric cars buyers guide Electric cars buyers guide

Electric cars buyers guide

If you are thinking about purchasing an electric car or simply want to know more about them, then this guide will help to provide you with more detailed information on this type of vehicle whose market share is expanding daily.


Guide to the choice of electric vehicles

Where to Purchase Electric Cars

Manufacturers of electric vehicles are becoming more and more common. Some complete their range of vehicles with these kinds of transports, while others, like Alkè for example, manufacture exclusively electric vehicles. So purchasing an electric vehicle is no longer as complicated as it was a few years ago, because finding this type of vehicle at a local dealership is becoming easier and easier. Not all dealers have electric models on display, but in some cases they can be ordered. In general, all major manufacturers offer at least one model of electric or hybrid vehicle, so these days the range of choices is quite broad. When you choose where to purchase your electric vehicle, you should also consider the proximity to the area in which it will be used so as to be sure that there is a service centre nearby as not all mechanics are capable of performing maintenance on electric or hybrid vehicles. Something else which is also very useful in making a purchasing decision is certainly the test drive, even more so when it comes to an electric car or vehicle because it allows you to observe the fuel savings and autonomy first hand.


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Recharge and Autonomy

Electric vehicles can be recharged either at public charging stations or via your domestic network, though for the best charge it would be better to use an industrial socket. To have your vehicle always at the ready, it is best to recharge it overnight. Charging times may vary quite a bit depending on the power supply to which you connect (domestic network, public charging station, etc.) and the type of battery. In the case of Alkè vehicles, for example, it is possible to fully charge a vehicle in 1.5 hours with the quick charge system if the vehicle is equipped with a lithium battery. An electric vehicle's autonomy, or rather how many kilometres it can travel with a full charge, may vary depending on different factors, like, for example, the load, the type of equipment, the type of route and driving style, and the outdoor temperature. Regardless, the guaranteed autonomy of fully electric traction vehicles has increased considerably in recent years. In the case of Alkè vehicles, the maximum autonomy is 200 km. If you drive an electric car or vehicle, it is always a good idea to use the motor brake which permits significant energy savings by the regenerative braking system.


Electric car recharge

Electric car recharge

Battery Charge Socket

Battery Charge Socket

Industrial Socket - Reharge

Industrial Socket - Reharge


Advantages and Disadvantages as Compared to Diesel/Petrol Vehicles

Electric vehicles have a much lower fuel cost (less than one fifth of those which run on petrol per kilometre) as compared to petrol or diesel vehicles. Another factor which is certainly significant in choosing an electric vehicle are the government incentives which allow one to benefit from a reduction in purchasing costs, insurance, and more. The insurance companies are providing specific electric commercial vehicles insurances and because electric cars do not have high top speeds and are not seen as 'performance' vehicles, then electric van insurance quotes can come down as they are seen as less of a risk. These incentives are added to those of local government administrations which, in most cases, permit free parking and access to limited traffic areas to these types of vehicles. An aspect that is often mentioned as a negative when it comes to electric vehicles is the polluting factor of the traction battery, however the batteries on the market today can also be entirely recycled. The maintenance costs of electric vehicles are decidedly lower than those of combustion vehicles. Furthermore, they are more fluid and comfortable to drive thanks to the presence of an automatic transmission and the absence of noise.


Purchase of electric vehicles for off-road use

Is an electric car suitable for my needs?

An entirely electric car could certainly be right for you in all or some of the following circumstances: easy access to a power socket overnight or to a high performance charging station on site; if you have a second means of transport for long trips or if your trips are medium-short on average; if you wish to choose a vehicle that respects the environment better yet if you can take advantage of "clean" energy for charging it; if you need a means of transport that performs comparably to a 4wd vehicle and is capable of going off-road, but does not have polluting emissions or make noise; if you need a vehicle approved for circulation on roads.


Quick guide - Alke' electric vehicles

Quick guide

Alke' electric vehicles





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