Electric vehicles for hospitals and healthcare facilities Alke'

Electric vehicles for hospitals and healthcare facilities



Professional electric vehicles for the handling of laundry trolleys, meals, medicine transport, hospital beds and waste in the hospital sector.


Why should you choose Alke professional vehicles for hospitals

  • Full electric: no CO2 emissions and silent
  • Compact: extremely agile and easy to handle, ideal for confined areas
  • High chassis load capacity: up to 1630 kg
  • Customisation of cargo area for transport of: laundry, test tubes and medicines, medical equipment


electric vehicles for transporting meals and laundry in hospitals


Vehicles for healthcare facilities - Transport of laundry, meals, medicines and medical equipment

Alke' vehicles are widely used in the hospital sector because they are employed for different types of transport. Alkè also offers customised solutions for the handling of loads for hospitals and clinics. Thanks to the possibility of customising the loading area with a large number of configurations, it is easy to find the optimal solution. Hospitals and healthcare facilities choose them for the transport of laundry, meals and food, for the movement of beds, for the transport of waste, medicines and temperature-controlled test tubes, as well as for the transport of medical equipment and for the maintenance and cleaning and sanitisation of structures. Thanks to a towing capacity of up to 4,500 kg, they are also used for the handling of beds or trolleys, being able to count on a single vehicle for several operations.

icon features
  • laundry transport
  • transport of meals and food
  • movement of the beds inside the building
  • transport of medicines, test tubes and medical equipment
  • waste collection
  • cleaning, sanitation and maintenance


Electric ambulance for the hospital and healthcare sector Alkè


Alke' solutions for the hospital sector

Alke' vehicles are used in hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities because they are fully electric and do not emit neither CO2 nor sound emissions. They are also extremely compact, without sacrificing a high load capacity, and can pass through the underground tunnels of this type of structures without problems, as well as moving easily even in confined spaces. The fact that they do not emit sound emissions means they can be used at any time of the day. Most of the vehicles used for hospital use are equipped with lithium batteries because they are completely hermetic, so you can be sure that there are no gas leaks and therefore they can be used in closed areas, they also guarantee high autonomy. Among the most requested configurations there is certainly the closed box with tail lift, for transporting meal trolleys; the steel mesh sides, for transporting laundry and waste; the closed box also isothermal for transporting medicines or test tubes. The ambulance vehicle for first aid is also available for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

icon features
  • no CO2 and noise emissions
  • agile and easy to handle
  • completely hermetic lithium batteries
  • hundreds of configurations available


Vehicle indoor transport in hospital

Vehicle internal transport in hospital Alkè

Laundry transport vehicle

Laundry transport vehicle hospital sector

Healthcare facility maintenance

electric vehicle for healthcare facility maintenance


Discover the most common applications for use in healthcare facilities:


Configuration: tail lift The tail lift can be fitted with a closed box or with the steel mesh sides, useful for the transport and handling of trolleys with meals or laundry.
Configuration: insulated isothermal van Used for transporting test tubes or medicines at controlled temperature. Thanks to its compact dimensions it is able to transit inside the tunnels that connect the various departments of the health facility.
Configuration: waste collection body To keep the site clean and empty the bins outside the hospital area, it allows you to work at any time because it is noiseless.
Configuration: cargo box Closed box with sliding doors on both sides (2 doors per side), LED interior light and locks. Ideal for transporting medical equipment or for maintenance activities.
Configuration: electric ambulance Electric ambulance equipped with a stretcher for first aid and for the transport of patients.



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