Alkè Electric vehicles are ideal for activities that involve the transportation of large quantities of goods and luggage in confined or enclosed areas, or in places where normal diesel or gasoline vehicles are not permitted.

Electric vehicles for goods and luggage transportation
ALKE' ATX electric vehicles for goods and luggage transportation
Alke Electric vehicles for material and luggage transportation

Alkè Electric vehicles for work purposes can be used for any activities involving the transport of goods and luggage.. They're ideal for train stations, airports, and sea ports, as well as accommodation facilities, like farm tourism structures and campgrounds. Thanks to their robust construction and ability to transport large quantities of materials, they can even be used in warehouses and storage facilities.

Reasons to choose ATX Electric vehicles for transporting goods and luggage:

  • Versatility: the ATX vehicles can be used for a wide range of purposes
  • Manoeuvrability: they're easy to use in confined spaces and on any kind of terrain
  • Robustness: the mechanical components used for Alkè electric vehicles are even used for military vehicles
  • Energy efficiency: a complete charge only costs € 1.50

The entire range of Alkè Electric vehicles is particularly suitable for transporting goods and luggage. All it takes is two models to demonstrate the effectiveness of these Italian-made and environmentally-friendly electric vehicles: the "little" ATX110E model, and its "big" brother, the ATX230E model.

Alkè Electric vehicles
The first is extremely responsive and compact (measuring just over three metres), and boasts an excellent autonomy (approximately 70 km with just a single charge). This electric vehicle can be equipped with a cargo compartment 110 cm in length, and is capable of transporting 645 kg of goods and luggage. All it takes is € 2.00 to charge its batteries: a truly negligible price.
The ATX230E model is just as robust, but is a full 50 cm longer than the ATX110E. These Electric vehicles also have an autonomy of approximately 75 km. These vehicles are extremely powerful, and can be equipped with a cargo compartment 180 cm long.

ideal work vehicle for industrial environmentsWhile the load capacity of the ATX230E model's frame is equal to 1,000 kg, , if used in private areas, these Electric vehicles are capable of towing materials with a combined total weight of up to 3,000 kg. This considerable figure also renders the ATX230E model an ideal work vehicle for industrial environments. Some of the other most salient features of these green, zero-emission Electric vehicles include their elevated speed of about 35 km/h, and their ability to easily handle steep grades and rough terrain. For greater speed requirements, the ATX210E model offers a maximum speed of 44 km/h.
Alkè Electric vehicles have already been successfully utilised for providing postal delivery services. In fact, these vehicles can even be used to deliver packages in areas where vehicular traffic is prohibited.

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Catalogues Data sheets Configurations

Another special feature offered by these Electric vehicles is their ability to be customized with almost 40 different configuration possibilities, a number of which can only be installed in the case of necessity. The wide range of accessories available for Alkè electric vehicles include the people carrier module, the dual cab, and the kit for transforming these vehicles into small yet efficient ambulances.
Finally, it should also be noted that Alkè electric vehicles have extremely comfortable cabs, and are easy to drive thanks to their sensitive yet precision steering, and motors that respond immediately to the driver's commands.

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