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Electric vehicles for goods transportation Electric vehicles for goods transportation

Electric vehicles for goods transportation

Electric pickups for transport

Electric goods carrier designed for commercial logistic usage also in indoor environments, in small spaces or in areas where petrol vehicles can not access.

Why choose an Alkè vehicle for transporting goods?

  • Zero emissions, zero pollution and usable in indoor environments
  • Compact: just 127cm in width
  • Towing capacity up to 4500 kg, 2000 kg on public street
  • Loading capacity up to 1630 kg (chassis configuration)
  • European N1 road type-approved for public road circulation
  • Perfect for stop and go trips


Goods transport vehicle Alkè

Usages of these small goods transport vehicles

Alkè commercial vehicles are suitable for luggage and goods transporting in areas that have the need for specific characteristics, such as train stations, port calls, airports and touristic places like camping areas and holiday farms. Thanks to their technical features, these electric goods vehicles can also perform tasks that require heavy transport, like warehouse and deposits. Hence, these vehicles, despite their small dimensions, can handle loading up to 1630 kg and to tow up to 4500 kg. So, the different industrial, commercial and urban applications are very wide. These vehicles can also be used for surveillance and security activities in places of employment.


Goods parcels transport delivery

Goods parcels transport delivery

Tail lift electric van

Tail lift electric van

Picking electric vehicle

Picking electric vehicle


Goods carrier vehicle 100% electric

Alkè electric vehicles for good transportation do not produce any pollutant or toxic gas when utilized, this important feature sums with the typical electric motors low noise level. These two particularities make the electric commercial vehicle perfect for an indoor usage, for instance in touristic or industrial structures. Furthermore, all ATX vehicles have the European N1 road type-approval as trucks, that permits them to circulate on public roads, even in areas where petrol cars can not be driven due to environmental limits, like in big city centers.


Electric goods and luggage carrier Alke'

Electric transportation vehicles with high customization

Another key feature of these vehicles is liked to the multiple customization available for them. Hundreds of configuration and accessories keep possible to reach customers’ specific needs, building the perfect vehicle for his situation. Some examples are given by the loading area, which can be configured with tipping cargo bed or with tail lift (upon request), with different types of closed box also isotherm or refrigerated, just to make some examples. Even the vehicle cabin is available for customization, furthermore, Alkè transport vehicles can be equipped with trailers up to 4500 kg (in private area). Alkè technicians evaluate each time the needs of the customer, to suggest the configuration that is more suitable to the professional needs and the type of goods that has to be transported.




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