Electric golf buggy Alkè - As solid as an off-road vehicle Electric golf buggy Alkè - As solid as an off-road vehicle

A golf buggy as solid as an off-road vehicle

If you are looking for the compactness of an electric golf buggy but with the robustness and high performance levels of a professional vehicle, the Alke' ATX electric vehicles could be just right. In this article we take look at the features which distinguish these two types of vehicles.

Why choose the Alke' electric golf buggy?

  • Extremely robust
  • Compact: just 140 cm wide
  • Load capacity up to 1630 kg
  • Towing capacity up to 4500kg
  • Ideal for use on turf and off-road


Electric golf buggy Alke' ATX - For golf and sports fields

Alke' electric vehicles: the dimensions of an electric golf buggy with the power of an off-road vehicle

The electric golf buggies, more commonly known as golf cars, are both electric vehicles and vehicles with a combustion engine. In general, caddies are used to transport a small number of passengers over a short distance, at speeds of less than 24 km/h. They usually weigh around 400-450 kg, are approximately 2.5m long, 1.2m wide and 1.8m high. The electric golf buggy is mainly used on golf courses, in airports and holiday resorts, generally to transport people and occasionally also goods or luggage. In terms of dimensions the Alkè ATX vehicles are very similar to a golf buggy, but they have a more robust structure and a more powerful motor (14 kW, as opposed to the 2/4 kW of the caddy). They are used for maintenance activities and to transport people or goods if a more robust vehicle is required with a higher load capacity than an electric golf buggy. In fact, over the years, Alkè electric vehicles have proven their build quality and reliability even in very different contexts.


Golf cart for work

Golf cart for work

Buggy for golf course

Buggy for golf course

Electric vehicle - People carrier

Electric vehicle - People carrier


Comparison of the electric golf buggies and Alke' electric vehicles

For a complete overview of the main characteristics of electric buggies and Alkè vehicles, we have put together a comparative table showing the average features of these two types of vehicles, apparently similar but in reality with different technical specifications.

  Golf buggy* Alke' ATX
Maximum motor power between 2 kW and 4 kW 14 kW
Maximum load capacity 500 kg 1630 kg
Maximum towing capacity 300 kg 4500 kg
Maximum negotiable slope 20% 35%
Maximum autonomy 50 km 150 km

* average values




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