If a typical  golf car type vehicle isn't enough for you because you have to deal with 30%-40% slopes or loads of 400-1000 Kg, the solution is an ALKE' electric utility car.

electric golf car
Euro 2008 - Alkè electric cars
Golf cars have been used for a long time inside golf courses. The typical use of a golf cart is to move people.
Thanks to the power of their engines (6kW against 2kW of golf cars), Alkè electric cars are perfect for golf club maintenance. The Alké electric utility vehicles  have much more power thanks to their 6Kw engine compared to an average of 2kW. They can be used for golf club maintenance, to move luggage , to tow a trailer and generally  for all those needs that a golf cart isn't powerful enough to cope with due to lack of power and capacity. .
Another point that differs between an Alké electric vehicle and a normal golf cart is  the strength of the frame structure: an Alké electric vehicle has a frame that originates from  4x4 ATX 100Dk off-road vehicles, a characteristic that makes them particularly suitable for hard working situations.   

Characteristics Description
Pollution free vehicle no exhaust gas pollution
Silent no noise pollution
Much more powerful engine with a  6 kW (17.5 kW at peak)  engine, it's capable of facing up to 30% slopes  (with HP25 kit for higher power 35%-40%)
Range with about 70 Km it's certainly among the electric vehicles with the highest range.
Eccellent loading capacity depending on the model, it's possible to have a loading capacity that varies between  400 Kg and 1000 Kg.
Very strong structure the frame originates from 4x4 off-road vehicle.
Low consumption with 1,5 Euro it's possible to have 70 Km range with considerable energy saving.
Considerable towing capacity The Alkè electric tractors can tow up to 3000 Kg.

Electric cars - Quality and design ALKENew design: Alkè vehicles are different from standard golf cars, with their unique design and intelligent solutions. There are many advantages of using an Alkè powerful electric golf car for golf course maintenance and golfers transport: electric vehicles mobility expenses can be very cheap since a 70km range costs only 1.5Euro.
With the green electric golf cars it's possible to work on the greens even near the golfers since the electric motors are completely silent. Alkè electric cars are also equipped with the strongest motors on the market and are able to climb up to 30% slopes (up to 35%-40% with the special power pack HP25).

Ask for a quote for Alkè electric golf cars, our staff will explain any further detail:

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