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More than a Golf Cart: Alke' Electric Golf Car More than a Golf Cart: Alke' Electric Golf Car

More than a Golf Cart: Alke' Electric Golf Car

If a normal golf car doesn't satisfy your needs because you have to deal with 35% slopes and transport loads of up to 1630 kg, then the solution is an Alke' electric vehicle, approved for road circulation.

Why choose an Alkè electric golf car?

  • Ability to handle slopes of up to 35%
  • Load capacity of up to 1630 kg
  • Towing capacity of up to 4500 kg
  • Approved for road circulation


Electric utility vehicles for golf courses

Electric golf car also with tipper body

Golf cars have already been in use for quite some time on golf courses. The typical purpose of a golf car is to transport people. Meanwhile Alkè electric work vehicles, with a peak 14 kW motor instead of a 2 kW one, are much more powerful and are used for maintenance in various golf clubs, to move luggage, to tow trailers, and in general for operations in which a normal golf car is not adequate as it does not have the necessary power or load capacity. Another difference between Alkè electric vehicles and golf cars is the sturdiness of the chassis. The chassis of Alkè electric work vehicles are derived from off-road 4x4 vehicles. This makes them particularly suitable for intense work situations. Furthermore, the configuration with a tipper van makes managing the load easier and less laborious.


Golf car with tipper body

Primary characteristics of Alke' electric golf cars


Pollution free vehicle No exhaust gas pollution
Silent No noise pollution
Much more powerful motor With a peak 14 kW motor it is capable of handling slopes of up to 35%
Autonomy Reaches 200 Km, it's certainly among the electric vehicles with the highest range.
Eccellent loading capacity Its maximum load capacity is 1.630 kg per chassis.
Very strong structure The frame originates from 4x4 off-road vehicle.
Low consumption With approximately € 2 it's possible to have 200 Km autonomy with considerable energy saving.
Considerable towing capacity Alke' electric vehicles can tow up to 4.500 kg in private areas.


Electric golf car approved for road circulation

Alke' electric vehicles: what they have that an electric golf car doesn't

Without a doubt Alkè electric vehicles outperform a golf car, starting with the inclines that they are able to handle. Alkè vehicles can handle inclines of up to 35% an extraordinary result that is unachievable for a normal golf car. Another advantage of using an Alkè electric work vehicle for maintenance of golf courses is the reduction in maintenance costs. In fact, an Alkè electric transport vehicle has an autonomy of up to 200 km and a full charge costs only € 2. Furthermore, with Alkè's ecological vehicles, one can perform maintenance of green areas without negatively affecting the environment and in full respect of guests. As opposed to normal golf cars, Alkè golf cars are approved for road circulation and this is certainly one of the aspects that weighs most heavily when choosing them.




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