Electric burden carrier Alke'

Electric Burden Carrier

Alke' burden carriers, N1 certified for road circulation, are comfortable and practical to drive. With a maximum towing capacity of 4,500 kg they facilitate the logistical management of the warehouse and picking.


Why choose an Alke' electric burden carrier?

  • Maximum towing capacity: 4.500 kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 1.630 kg
  • N1 Certified for road circulation
  • Compact: vehicle width 140 cm
  • Perfect for movement on public roads between multiple manufacturing or storage units


Electric burden carrier - For warehouse and airports


Industrial burden carriers for logistical management of warehouses and picking

Alke' industrial electric tractors are vehicles which are completely Made in Italy and are suitable for every kind of industrial facility. These electric towing tractors are equipped with a cargo bed that makes it possible to easily position equipment or other materials and to unload it quickly and simply, making these vehicles perfectly suited to manufacturing and logistical activities, especially picking.
These vehicles are excellent electric carriers with a heightened performance that makes it possible to tow goods weighing up to 4,500 kg. Furthermore, they are N1 certified for road circulation in the event that it is necessary to move between manufacturing or storage units located in different areas. As with all Alke' electric vehicles, the electric burden carrier is silent, lightweight, and practical, with a comfortable workstation and, thanks to its small size, it can also be used in limited spaces like industrial storage warehouses. In fact, thanks to its characteristics, this vehicles is well-suited to logistical management of warehouses, contributing to an improvement in the stages of industrial activity.
It costs very little to maintain and to recharge the battery. By purchasing the electric burden carrier it is possible to simplify the most strenuous operations, optimise transport and delivery times, and avoid back and forth trips within the industrial area.
With a maximum negotiable slope of 35%, it can also navigate the inclines normally present in work facilities, like garage or loading ramps. In addition to being comfortable, this electric vehicle is easy to drive.


Comfortable workstation

Comfortable workstation

Inside and outside use

Inside and outside use

Electric flatbed truck

Electric flatbed truck


Electric burden carrier for airports or industrial areas

Alke' industrial burden carriers are the ideal solution for transporting heavy loads in airports or industrial areas, ensuring maximum performance. Accessories can be added to the electric tractor, for example to the cab or loading area, depending on the various needs of the operator. There is the option of having a loading bed with foldaway aluminium sideboards, useful when it is necessary to directly unload all of the goods present on the loading bed; this mode is particularly suitable for the construction sector.
An alternative to the aluminium sideboards is the option of having metallic mesh extensions. Another option is that of installing a flat bed, the most suitable for transporting boxes, sacks, pallets, and all packages that can be more easily unloaded without sideboards.
Depending on the type of goods that need to be transported, different kinds of accessories can be requested, like: the cargo bed tarpaulin, for covering the most delicate and fragile goods like, for example, work gear, and the closed cargo bed with sliding doors, an element that may be more comfortable for certain operations.


Load capacity (per chassis)

1.630 kg

Maximum towing capacity

4.500 kg

Vehicle width

140 cm

Minimum steering radius

260 cm

Maximum autonomy

200 km

Maximum negotiable slope





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