Electric burden carrier

Alkè electric towing tractor for the warehouse logistics management and picking operations

electric burden carrier
The electric tractors are comfortable and practical to drive and with a maximum towing capacity up to 4.500 kg they make the industrial operations easier.
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The electric burden carriers ATX230EH are electric vehicles completly Made in Italy suitable for every type of industrial plant.

This industrial burden carriers are provided with a cargo bed which makes displacements easier and it allows towing up to 4.500 kg.

They are great industrial electric trucks that thanks to the cargo bed permit to place equipments or other materials on it and to unload them in a quick and simple way. They are excelent for production and logistics activities, especially picking.

electric vehicle for picking and warehouse
Electric load carrier
Vehicle for production activities, logistics and picking
Loading capacity (chassis) 1.500 kg
Maximun towing capacity 4.500 Kg
Width 127 cm
Minimum steering radius 320 cm
Range 75 km
Maximum negotiable slope 20%

As all Alkè electric vehicles, the electric load carrier ATX230EH assures silence, lightness and handiness and its small size allows it to be used in limited space like industrial warehouses.
In fact, thanks to its features, the vehicle is needful for warehouse and logistics management to improve the phases of the industrial activities.
Plus, it requires low maintenance and battery costs..

With 20% of maximum slope, you may also tread the uphill parts of the working establishments like the garage ramps.
The electric vehicle is not only comfortable, it's also easy to drive.

electric vehicle with flat cargo bed
Electric vehicle with flat cargo bed for industrial transports.
electric towing tractor for picking
Electric towing tractor for the logistics management of the warehouses and for picking.
electric load carrier
Electric load carrier with cargo bed for pallets and working equipments.

To the electric burden carrier can be added some accessories, for example to the cabin or to the load area, depending on the different needs of the operator.
There is the option of having a cargo bed with drop sides, useful when you need to download directly all the goods on it; this modality is also suitable for the construction sector.

Different from the cargo bed with drop sides is the possibility of having steel mesh sides.

Another option is to install a flat cargo bed, it will be the most suitable for the transport of boxes, bags, pallets and those packaging that can be more easily downloaded in the presence of a flat cargo bed.
Depending on the types of goods that you need to carry you may require different types of configurations like: closed body tarp, to cover the most delicate goods, such as work equipment; and the van box with sliding doors, also this one is an element that may be more comfortable for certain types of operations.

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