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Electric Commercial Vehicles For Sale Alke' Electric Commercial Vehicles For Sale Alke'

Electric Commercial Vehicles For Sale

For a More Sustainable Urban Mobility

Alke' is one of the leading companies in the manufacture and sale of electric commercial vehicles. Its vehicles are 100% electric and suitable for any activity, with an autonomy of up to 200 km and the option of rapidly charging with their lithium batteries.

The primary characteristics of Alke' commercial vehicles on the market are:

  • Zero emissions: can circulate anywhere
  • Maximum autonomy of 200 km and load capacity of up to 1,630 kg
  • Rapid charge for non-stop operating efficiency
  • Wide range of versions from which to choose
  • Customisable solutions depending on clients' needs


Electric vans range Alkè ATX

Sale of 100% Electric Commercial Vehicles

Alke' has always envisioned a future with work vehicles that respect the environment. That's why it offers a wide range of entirely electric vehicles with surprisingly high performance characteristics. Its vans are extremely robust, well-designed, and technological and guarantee respect for the environment without compromising performance or driving comfort. The sales network for Alke' commercial vehicles is very widespread, with a presence in over 40 countries all around the world. This makes it possible to provide clients with any necessary assistance, relying on qualified personnel trained directly by the parent company.

icon features
  • surprisingly high performance features that respect the environment
  • robust, well-designed, and technological commercial vehicles
  • widespread sales network
  • qualified assistance


New refrigerated electric vans for sale

Why choose Alke' commercial vehicles?

Alkè's professional vehicles are the product of two decades of experience in the field of electric mobility. Its vehicles are high performance because they incorporate technical solutions derived from the off-road and industrial sectors. They are easy to charge because all they require is a normal industrial socket. Furthermore, with the rapid battery charge, which can be used if the vehicle is equipped with a lithium battery, it is possible to fully charge the vehicle in 1.5 hours. With a 20 kWh lithium battery, the autonomy reaches 200 km, making it possible to complete even rather long urban routes on a single charge. All Alke' vehicles have the N1 road approval and adhere to the WLTP standard. Furthermore, they can be integrated with a customised fleet management cloud platform. This makes it possible to immediately know if a vehicle is charging, if it is driving, where it is located, and how much battery power it still has available, as well as see the vehicle's primary functioning data in real time which, among other things, allows one to anticipate potential problems and resolve them quickly. Contact Alke' to find out prices.

icon features
  • extremely high performance vehicles
  • easy to charge
  • option of rapid charge
  • maximum autonomy 200 km

Equipment and configurations for commercial vehicles

Alke' offers a wide range of electric commercial vehicles - Hundreds of set-ups from which to choose

Alke' manages to respond rapidly to clients' needs because it can rely on a complete range of options, accessories, and set-ups. In the field of professional mobility, clients are increasingly looking for vehicles that are equipped with special instrumentation and that are specially configured to complete a specific activity rapidly and efficiently. The versatility of Alkè commercial vehicles manages to respond effectively to this need. In fact, Alkè's range of commercial vehicles offers 2 or 4 seat cabins, 3 different sizes of cargo beds, and hundreds of configurations from which to choose, without counting the possibility of developing customised set-ups upon request as well.

icon features
  • complete range of options, accessories, and set-ups
  • versatile commercial vehicles
  • 2 or 4 seat cabins - 3 sizes of cargo beds
  • hundreds of set-ups from which to choose





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