Best electric vehicles? Discover the advantages of Alkè utvs Best electric vehicles? Discover the advantages of Alkè utvs

Best electric vehicles? Discover the advantages of Alkè utvs

What do Alkè vehicles have over vehicles in the same category? Why should you buy these vehicles? Alkè electric utility vehicles boast several strengths that make them an increasingly attractive choice for businesses and public administration. In the following we will explain the distinctive features of Alke' electric vehicles that make them the best in their category.


The main strengths of Alke' electric utility vehicles:

  • Load capacity up to 1630 kg (chassis version) and towing capacity up to 4500 kg
  • Alkè Cloud Platform
  • Double cab version for work teams
  • Extreme flexibility with hundreds of fittings available
  • Maximum surmountable slope of 35%
  • Non-stop operation for continuous shifts


Load capacity of Alkè commercial vehicles

Load capacity - Increased payload - up to 1630 kg

The sturdier construction of the Alkè ATX electric vehicles allows for a maximum chassis capacity in compliance with road regulations of 1,630 kg in the EH versions. One of the main features that distinguishes Alkè vehicles from others in the same category is their load capacity. Load capacity for Alkè vehicles is also understood as greater payload. Thanks to both the 250 cm long wheelbase dropside body and the various fittings, such as the mesh side extensions or the closed cargo box, a considerable load volume can be counted on.

Towing capacity of Alkè utility vehicles

Towing capacity - Higher performance - Up to 4500 kg

The increased power of the ATX allows for an approved towing capacity of 2000 kg. In private areas, Alkè vehicles can tow up to 4500 kg. Thanks to their high towing capacity, these vehicles are also chosen by both airports, for towing trolleys needed for service, catering activities or for luggage transport, and by industrial plants for material handling.

Cloud platform for utility vehicle fleet management Alkè

Cloud Platform - Monitor your vehicles

This system provides a 360° overview of your fleet in real time to optimise daily operations and reduce costs. Alkè provides a remote monitoring system that is ideal for optimising and reducing the operating costs of an entire company fleet of vehicles. Such a system provides the main operating data of an electric vehicle in real time, also anticipating potential faults or enabling their quick solution.


4-seater double-cab commercial vehicle Alkè

For work teams - 4-seater double cab vehicle

Alkè ATX vehicles are approved for European road traffic in 4-seat double cab versions. Alkè double-cab vehicles are designed to combine material transport and work-team movements, offering a high level of performance, flexibility and robustness. Alkè ATX ED electric vehicles are capable of operating in the transport of material and work teams with maximum efficiency in a variety of sectors: industrial plants, logistics, plant surveillance, machinery and equipment maintenance service, fire-fighting service, cleaning, internal mail services, tourism, zoos, etc.


Flexibility of electric utility vehicles Alkè

Maximum flexibility - Hundreds of approved fittings

ATXs have hundreds of variants, with a load compartment that can be customised in terms of both size and installed equipment. All solutions are compatible with 2- or 4-seat versions with left- or right-hand drive. In addition, it is possible to choose between different models, depending on the activity and working environment, to best suit specific needs. This flexibility and versatility have made Alkè vehicles among the most popular in their category.


Maximum gradeability vehicles Alkè

Maximum gradeability - Highest in class

ATXs can negotiate slopes (climbs or ramps) of up to 35%, achieving best-in-class performance, thanks to the high torque and smooth power distribution of the engine and control electronics. This feature makes them ideal for activities in hilly or mountainous areas. Alkè utility vehicles are able to tackle climbs both on asphalt roads and off-road. The off-road performance of these vehicles is comparable to 4x4s of the same category.


Fast charging and non-stop vehicle operation Alkè

Non-stop operation for continuous shifts

The ATXs can operate non-stop for 24 hours a day by choosing between the high-capacity battery, the fast-charging system for lithium batteries or the multiple battery system with quick changeover. For those who need to always have the vehicle up and running, this feature is of paramount importance.


Hill holder vehicles Alkè

Hill holder - Hill start assistance

Alkè electric vehicles can be equipped with a hill start assist system. This system is particularly useful when starting uphill. This function holds and stops the vehicle to prevent backwards movement. It is a system that helps the driver to start the vehicle easily while driving uphill. As far as Alkè electric vehicles are concerned, this system operates not only when driving uphill, but also when driving downhill or on level ground and also works when the vehicle is stationary.




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