What is the range of an Electric vehicle? How can the range of an Electric vehicle be assessed? Which parameters affect the range of the Electric vehicles?

electric vehicles range
Electric vehicles range
How many kilometers can I travel with a fully charged electric vehicle?


Let’s look at the main parameters that affect the range of electric vehicles.

Electric cars range on made-up roads     A flat asphalted road is an ideal condition for electric vehicles, as consumption is low.
electric vehicles range on dirt road   A dirt road increases friction and, therefore, there is a slight increase in consumption with respect to an asphalted road.
  In off-road conditions there is continuous climbing and descending and stopping and starting, therefore consumption is high.
electric vehicles range   If the temperature is 25-35°C battery yield is high and therefore consumption is low.
  With low temperatures near to zero or below zero battery yield is lower and consumption is therefore high.
electric vehicles range   If speed is high there is greater friction and acceleration and therefore high consumption.
  With slopes and climbs the Electric vehicles have very high consumption.
  If the Electric vehicle has no load on the cargo bed consumption is low.
  If there is a load on the cargo bed, the electric vehicle has average consumption.
the biggest European solar vehicle   If there is a load on 4 axes, as for a truck, consumption is high.
caregohopper: the electric train running in Utrecht in the Netherlands   With loads on 8 axes, consumption of the electric vehicles is very high.


Electric vehicles range: price ratio: this parameter is fundamental, in order to have an electric vehicle at a competitive price. Alkè offers work vehicles with pure lead or acid lead batteries. On a zero emissions vehicle in 2013, this is a good compromise between price and performance. Lithium batteries or others are currently used in the vehicle sector but their price is too high for industrial applications.

electric cars range: regenerative braking systemIn order to obtain maximum performance from the batteries, Alke' work vehicles use the regeneration of braking energy; this set-up allows an increase of energy of up to 15%. The Alkè Electric vehicles can also be re-charged partially, the so-called "memory effect" is not present here. The range of an electric truck is generally lower than that of electric cars, as a work vehicle must transport heavy weights. For example, if we consider an electric sports car, which on average will carry 2 persons and a small piece of luggage and an Alkè electric vehicle which has a capacity of up to 1000 kg and tows up to 3000-4000 kg depending on the model; it is obvious that its range will be greatly affected. Managing to obtain 70 km of range with a scooter is much different from obtaining the same range with an electric vehicle used for work or transporting persons.

Alkè Electric vehicles Battery Capacity Range*
XT 320E 26 kWh 140 km
XT 420E 26 kWh 130 km
ATX 280E 18 kWh 130 km
XT 320E 18 kWk 110 km
XT 420E 18 kWh 105 km
ATX 280E 14.5 kWh 100 km
XT 320E 13 kWh 75 km
XT 420E 13 kWh 70 km
ATX 200E - ATX 200E AR 9 kWh 70 km
ATX 100E - ATX Rescue 9 kWh 70 km


* Maximum range is indicative and assessed on a flat route in excellent conditions, ECO mode with correct style of driving and energy saver, max. speed 30 km/h, non-continuous use (battery discharge in 5 hours). The range data is indicative and can undergo modifications without forewarning.

The range of the electric vehicles is subject to many variables, among which temperature, the presence of slopes, the style of driving, the weight of the vehicle, the age of the batteries and tyre pressure.


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