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Advertising vans ALKE'

Advertising vans - Choose electric vehicles!


An electric vehicle designed to circulate even in historical centres: zero emissions, zero pollution for a green and eco-sustainable image. Alkè vans always catch the eye, thanks to their respect for the environment and the innovation that characterises them. The message to be communicated will not go unnoticed, neither by passers-by nor by the local and national media.



Why should you choose Alkè advertising vans?

  • They associate communication with a green image
  • No traffic restrictions: they can operate in LEZs
  • Mobile advertising - Maximum visibility
  • N1 type-approved at European level for road circulation


Electric advertising vehicle for waste collection Alke'


Eco-friendly advertising with Alkè advertising vans

While being used for transport and work, Alkè vans are also used as advertising vehicles. This is an innovative and environmentally friendly system of mobile advertising, ideal for giving maximum visibility to your message, even in places that are difficult to access with traditional, bulky or combustion-powered vehicles. Thanks to their compact size and electric motor, Alkè advertising vans can surely transit historic town centres and pedestrian areas without any problems and are less invasive than traditional billboard trucks. Alkè electric vehicles have an attractive design and always manage to catch the eye.


Electric advertising vehicles Alke'


Electric advertising vehicles also for intensive use

Alkè advertising vehicles are extremely robust work vehicles, designed to withstand intensive use. They have a load capacity of up to 1,630 kg (chassis) and a towing capacity of up to 4,500 kg. This means that they can be used for day-to-day transport tasks and at the same time make use of the surface area of the equipment and vehicle to effectively convey the advertising message. These vans are approved for European road traffic (category N1) and provide an autonomy of up to 200 km. The high towing capacity means that the vehicle can be used as a tractor and tow one or more enclosed trailers, forming a small train, in order to carry several advertising messages at the same time. Alkè vehicles can count on fast recharging systems or on the quick-change multiple battery system, to have the vehicle always ready for use.


Small advertising trucks Alke'


Small advertising trucks - Discover the available configurations

Alkè electric vehicles can count on hundreds of configurations. Among small advertising trucks, the most commonly used configurations are the waste collection body, the closed box and the body tarp. Advertising vans with waste collection body are mostly used on campsites or in tourist facilities in general and in historic city centres. In the case of vans or tarpaulin vehicles, the advertising can be applied to the surface of the closed box or the tarpaulin. In this case, too, the use is mainly urban. Being fully electric, these vehicles have the advantage that they can also be used indoors.


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