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Work utility vehicles with air conditioning

For working in hot climates, up to a temperature of 56°C.

work utility vehicles air conditioning

The Alkè work utility vehicles with air conditioning are unique in the category and tested to operate with great performance at high temperature, up to 56°C, surpassing even military standards (limit 52°C).


Benefits ensured by vehicles equipped with such air conditioning system are targeted to an higher comfort of operators, who should otherwise use vehicles with open cabin, exposed to the sun directly, against their health and, in the warmer seasons, their productivity.

Collection and transport of goods in countries with arid temperatures.
Transport of goods and materials in explosion risk environments, such as oil areas of the Middle East: ATEX configuration.

These vehicles are also optimal to allow the management moving in an easier and comfortable way, in their daily supervision or to bring customers, when necessary, in the operational areas for regular visits or fact-finding. Alkè air conditioning equipment is made without compromises, as it is to use in totally different torrid environments with very high demands. Please note that, the conventional air-conditioning systems have very low performances in hot areas or even get stuck once exceeded certain values of temperature or moisture in the air.

Why choose Alke’ work utility vehicles with air conditioning:
  • To face hot climates
  • ATEX certification possible
  • Air conditioning system with uncompromising power
  • Unique in the category

This air conditioning super-performing system, that didn't exist before, has been developed on demand of major customers in the Gulf area. During these years Alké, always to meet these users' needs, has improved the manufacture of its products in other important aspects, for example frames and other metal parts aimed at a greater resistance. In these places, in fact, the risk of corrosive agents is high, such as desert sand or saltern atmosphere present in coastal areas. Alké utilizes on this purpose cataphoresis anti-corrosion system and also special materials for the body unit, able to resist under the scorching sun in temperature above 50°C and sometimes to 60°C.

In general, all the components have been designed to face the roughest climates, maintaining however high performances.


Air conditioning compressor

compressor air conditioning alke

Air conditioning condenser

condenser air conditioning alke 

Cooling fans

cooling fans air conditioning alke

Alké air conditioning system is also available for the range ATEX explosion proof vehicles, with appropriate modifications to ensure compatibility with safety standards of such certification.



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