Smart Waste management for green cities Alke'

Smart Waste management for green cities

Collection is a key part of the entire integrated waste cycle. This is why the smart city is expected to deploy innovative solutions. The use of compact electric vehicles is one example of how the waste collection system can also be made intelligent.


Innovative solutions for waste management

  • Compact electric vehicles for urban waste collection
  • Ecological islands acting as HUBs, consisting of one or more compactors
  • Cloud monitoring of vehicles also to create synergies
  • Lower environmental impact and urban decoration


Fleet of electric vehicles for sustainable waste collection


Urban waste collection with compact, fully electric vehicles

The topic of waste management is very complex. Proper waste management is of strategic importance. Through the various actors involved in waste management, the aim is to achieve long-term environmental sustainability. This is a key aspect of the smart city, which aims to be sustainable and efficient, as well as technological. Possible solutions for sustainable waste management include electric waste collection vehicles. The use of electric vehicles for door-to-door waste collection is certainly a valid solution, both to deal with the logistical difficulties typical of cities, and to meet the need for administrative afficiency and efficiency with lower costs and less environmental impact.


Electric vehicles and compactors for waste collection


Smart city and waste management with temporary collection HUBs

The smart city needs to achieve as much sustainability as possible. Electric vehicles with waste collection tubs take sorted solid waste from the town centre to the ecological island that acts as a collection HUB, consisting of one or more compactors. The compactors are only emptied when they are full, so one can understand the considerable economic and environmental savings that the use of this system generates. The development and adoption of smart solutions, such as the combination of electric waste collection vehicles and mobile collection hubs in the city centre or just outside, is certainly a key element in the development of the cities of the future. Alkè green collection vehicles can be equipped with a remote monitoring system (Alkè Vehicle Body Computer). This system provides the main vehicle operating data in real time. It is an ideal tool for optimising and reducing fleet management costs. At the same time, monitoring via the cloud allows routes to be optimised on the basis of traffic. In this way you have vehicles that work synergistically according to workload and routes. The operations centre can also monitor and manage everything from a mobile phone.


Green waste collection vehicle fleet monitoring and management


Improving logistics and environmental impact

The logistical aspect and its costs are playing an increasingly important role in the technological choices of waste management operators; the costs are not only economic but also in terms of environmental impact. This is why having fewer heavy trucks dedicated to this activity, driving around the urban area, congesting the traffic but also the environmental impact, is undoubtedly an intelligent solution. Once filled, the compactors located at the ecological islands are taken away from the collection hub by trucks to the recycling centre.





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