Vehicles with three axis tipping

Compact, eco-friendly and reliable vehicles with a load capacity up to 1.000 kg

three axis tipping electric vehicles


When you talk about vehicles with cargo bed tipping, you usually think about the classic large trucks, which, in most cases, turn out to be cumbersome and difficult to handle. Alkè wants to change this view by presenting its ATX vehicles equipped with trilateral loading bed tipper. What could be better than a compact, eco-friendly, safe and reliable vehicle combined with the easy handling of a cargo bed tipper on three sides?
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Why choose Alkè vehicles with three-axis cargo bed tipping:
  • Very close trilateral: only 127 cm
  • Green: they are fully electric and ecological
  • Three-axis tipping:  extremely convenient as you can dump to the left, right and behind
  • Useful in urban areas: invincible on narrow streets and in areas hard to reach

Alkè makes you choose!

The charm of the Alkè ATX vehicles is in the possibility to customize them to suit your business needs: ATX vehicles with trilateral cargo tipper were born for this reason. This new configuration was specially designed for the top two models in the ATX series, namely:

  • Vehicles with trilateral tipper ATX 230E
  • Vehicles with trilateral tipper ATX 240E

With the possibility to choose among three different models of ATX, Alkè wants to give the opportunity to all commercial and industrial activities to find the electric vehicle suitable for their shape. In what differs the ATX with trilateral cargo tipper? Based on the characteristics of every vehicles, the ATX vehicles with trilateral tipper can be used in various working sectors.

Cylinder - trilateral tipping

cylinder trilateral tipping
Cargo bed with tipper
Loading bed capacity [kg] 1.000
Three axis tipping  Yes

Spiral of trilateral cargo bed

spiral trilateral cargo bed 
Fixing spiral for cargo compartment
Possibility to lateral side dumping Yes
Possibility to rear side dumping Yes

Spiral of cargo compartment

spiral cargo compartment
Unhookable drop sides
Number of drop sides 3
Removable steel sides Yes

Huge loading capacity for a mini electric pickup 

The Alkè ATX 230E with tipping unit stays exactly in the middle, because it has the agility and lightness that characterize the ATX 210E model and the power of ATX 240E, with a loading bed capacity of 1.000 kg. For this reason, the ATX 230E is excellent both in urban areas and in the most difficult reaching environments, also thanks to its ability to overcome slopes of 35%. This ATX model can also be used specifically in a tourism context. In a residence or tourist village, it becomes the ideal choice to provide an optimal service to the customers, for example delivering laundry quickly or moving bathing and entertainment facilities from one area to another of the resort. Another sector of use of this vehicle is the green maintenance both for municipalities and cemeteries, where the electric traction is needed.


vehicles tipping unit
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