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25 Years of Experience with Electric Vehicles

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Are you a distributor of utility vehicles and would like to expand your range of products? Do you already sell electric fork lifts, golf carts, sweepers, or work vehicles? Discover Alke' new high performance electric commercial vehicles.


Why become an Alke' distributor?

  • Alke' is present in over 40 Countries
  • Hundreds of configurations and accessories to meet clients' needs
  • Extremely versatile vehicles for use in many sectors
  • Replacement parts in 24-48 h
  • Option of creating customised utility vehicles
  • The number one brand of vehicles


Our International References

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Philips Morris
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Eni Saipem
Chevron Phillips


From Manufacturing to the Public Sector - Clients choose Alke'

The ATX line of utility vehicles is used daily by the biggest names in manufacturing and tourism and by first-class institutions in more than 40 countries around the world. Among those who have chosen Alkè's electric vehicles are major manufacturing facilities, airports, university campuses, resorts, and municipalities, to name just a few. For years Alkè's vehicles have operated in challenging environments such as the frozen regions of Northern Europe, in the extreme temperatures of the Sahara Desert, and other locations in the Middle East and Africa. These days clients are more and more interested in vehicles that are equipped with specific instruments and configurations, and Alkè meets their demands.


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Distributor of Utility Vehicles - How to Expand Your Range of Products

Alke' vehicles are professional work vehicles that are used in many sectors: from manufacturing to government agencies as well as in the army, in airports, and in the tourism, agritourism, organic farming, and logistics sectors to name just a few. So if you already have an electric vehicles dealership, you can expand your range of products to meet the demands of a market that is increasingly oriented towards zero emission vehicles. Alkè's vehicles are very versatile and can be designated for multiple uses. Their load capacity reaches 1,630 kg (per chassis) with a towing capacity of up to 4,500 kg. Hundreds of configurations and accessories are available to create a configuration that meets the needs of the individual client.If, while in the process of selling an electric vehicle, you would like some advice on what to offer your client, Alkè provides consultations to determine which vehicle is most suitable as it has operated in the electric vehicles sector for more than 25 years. More and more dealerships already sell, for example, electric sweepers, work vehicles, forklifts, electric scooters, and electric cars and would like to expand their range by selling electric commercial vehicles as well.


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Alke' Assistance for Rentals, Tenders, and Customised Solutions

Alke' provides its commercial network assistance in the process of filling out tenders. It often happens that electric vehicles are only a small part of a much larger project, and so those who find themselves participating in a tender may have a great deal of experience in the construction sector, or in the sector of charging stations or photovoltaic systems, but do not have a comparable understanding of the professional electric vehicles sector. In this case Alkè can be of help, offering advice on the best set-ups. When it comes to specific demands, Alkè is able to offer its dealerships customised solutions, handling all of the technical aspects and assisting them in formulating the product. Alke' also provides its commercial network with the training necessary for selling its electric vehicles.


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A high quality product in your dealership and years of experience in the sector of electric vehicles

Those who sell Alke' utility vehicles know that they are selling quality products. Design, prototyping, and manufacturing take place entirely in Italy with components from the European market. Alkè's way of operating, with a focus on the client, the environment, and people, is demonstrated by its triple Quality - Environment - Safety Certification (ISO 9001;ISO 14001; OHSAS 14001). Furthermore, an Alke' dealership can rely on extremely rapid receipt of requested replacement parts (24-48 hours) and, if needed, remote assistance from the Alke service office.



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