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The Alke' ATX utility vehicle used at an island in the lagoon of Venice for the activities of disinfestation.    


Alke' utility vehicle in Venice


Alke' utility vehicle in Venice

ATX work vehicle used for disinfestation



There aren't many vehicles that manage to land in Venice, the Alke' utility vehicle however is one of them. More precisely the Alke' ATX210E has made its appearance on the island of San Clemente within the Venetian lagoon which boasts a wonderful luxury five star resort.

The fully electric work vehicle was brought to the island of the Venetian lagoon by one of our customers, Ecosistem sas, by Orazio Gianluca. With the assistance of a cargo boat it was brought to Venice without problems. It is in fact an extremely compact vehicle (only 127 cm across) and therefore extremely easy to handle.

large-tyresThese vehicles have large tyres that also allow movement on grass without ruining them. The sas Ecosistem uses ATX vehicles to perform disinfestation and phytosanitary treatments both for local authorities and at the most important receptive structures of the Northern Adriatic, such as: camping sites, docks, tourist villages and holiday residences, adopting all the precautions possible to operate with a low environmental impact and in respect of public health.
With this in mind, the fleet has seen the addition of 2 Alkè ATX utility vehicles. The vehicle used at the luxury resort in Venice was equipped with a suitable atomiser for disinfestation on the load floor.





These are utility vehicles that combine high quality construction with a functional design and ensure high performance even under the most challenging of work conditions.

Below is a table that summarises the main features of the Alkè ATX utility vehicle:

 Key features  Description
 Motor  AC Electric
 Approved for road use  Yes
 Maximum load capacity (depending on the model)  500-1000 kg
 Maximum speed (depending on the model)  30-44Km/h


The compact ATX utility vehicle, quiet and without polluting emissions, is certainly the ideal vehicle for operators that carry out their activities in public places as it is possible to work without any problems of acoustic emissions or pollutants. 


If you would like information about the prices of the Alke' utility vehicle write a short message: 


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