Urban electric vehicles NEV Alke' Urban electric vehicles NEV Alke'

Urban electric vehicles NEV

NEV vehicles (Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle) are synonymous with practicality, robustness, zero emissions and cost-effective operation and maintenance. They are ideal for urban sanitation services but also for goods delivery and last-mile logistics.


Why you should choose Alkè electric urban vehicles

  • 100% Electric: no emissions and no noise
  • Compact: therefore extremely agile on narrow or busy roads
  • Reduced operating and running costs
  • A wide range of equipment to choose from


Urban electric vehicle Alkè

Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles - NEVs

An increasing number of local authorities are considering restricting traffic in urban areas to zero-emission vehicles only, which makes the offer of fully electric commercial vehicles particularly attractive. In addition, all-electric solutions offer the transport sector the opportunity to contribute to addressing global warming and air quality challenges at the local level. Urban electric vehicles are certainly best suited to respond to these new scenarios. They are in fact fully electric, compact but at the same time robust. These characteristics allow NEVs to move nimbly in the urban context and to be adaptable to different needs. All this is combined with considerable savings in terms of running and maintenance costs compared to traditional combustion vehicles. NEVs are also chosen by those who need to move within a limited area, such as a university campus, residential complex or theme park. Due to the absence of emissions, they help reduce noise levels in the urban environment.


Urban hygiene service vehicle Alkè

Alkè electric urban vehicles - A complete solution

Alkè urban vehicles are fully electric and therefore produce no environmental or noise pollution. They are ideal for activities that require frequent stop-and-go, such as most activities in urban areas. Electric vehicles are the ideal solution for distribution in urban areas. The batteries can be fully recharged at night, when the vehicles return to the site. Modern batteries provide a range that in most cases is more than sufficient for a normal working day. If non-stop operation is required, there is the possibility of quick recharging with lithium batteries. Alkè offers a wide range of configurations for its NEVs. From the waste collection body, also available in COMBI version with a high-pressure washer or sprayer, to the closed box with roller shutters for logistics. Alkè urban electric vehicles can be equipped with a cloud platform that provides an overview of the vehicle status, plans trips and takes care of fleet management.



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