Alkè technology is continuously evolving. The company's continued research and development is fuelled by the desire to offer its clients advanced solutions in the field of electric mobility. For this reason, Alkè has launched the new Advanced Mobility division. The new section has the objective of building advanced Electric vehicles with autonomous driving (or semi-autonomous) and their connection with smart grids with cloud based platforms.

UGV - Remote controlled and autonomous vehicles
UGV - Remote controlled and autonomous vehicles

Since its conception, the idea to develop an advanced mobility division has grown over the years. In collaboration with major international consortia and thanks to continued testing and research, Alkè has developed evolved systems and cutting edge component solutions that will implement the Electric vehicles and create completely new, state-of-the-art platforms.

These latest generation Electric vehicles have been designed to support extraordinary work activity or routine operations in especially critical sectors where the range of eco-friendly mobility options is not yet able to provide maximum performance and therefore cannot ensure sufficient solutions.

Sectors for use:

  • Logistics with high-risk situations
  • Situations with adverse climatic conditions
  • Repetitive 24/7 routes
  • Situations in which it is necessary to save on man-hours

In particular, we are referring to areas where the safety of workers is put at risk, or sectors, such as logistics, where there are significant margins for improvement, such as, for example, in the case of autonomous driving logistics, optimised inter-modal logistics or logistics integrated with smart grid.
These are just some examples of fields where the new advanced mobility can be adopted to ensure a better management of resources and operating efficiency.
On an international level and in the most varied fields of use, in terms of both sectors and geo-climatic conditions, Alkè represents the greatest resource for the customer. The company's solid and deep background is essential. Thorough understanding of needs and real necessities is the key to implementing solutions aimed at the market and able to satisfy the real daily operating needs of various activities. Not only research and development or prototypes, but real, electric vehicles, developed with advanced technology that allows their use in the most varied and challenging conditions.
Our experts and engineers focus particularly on the integration of specific equipment on basic platforms to allow coverage of industrial, civil or public safety activities, ensuring complete efficiency in operation and total security in terms of worker safety. This type of equipment can be integrated to support sectors such as: evolved logistics, firefighting, first aid, surveillance, cleaning, separated waste management, catering, and many others.

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