UGV - Remote controlled and autonomous vehicles

UGV - Remote controlled and autonomous vehicles

Alkè technology is constantly evolving. The company's continuous research and development activity is driven by the desire to provide its customers with advanced solutions in the field of electric mobility. This is how Alkè new Advanced Mobility division came into being.


Main advantages of self-driving vehicles

  • UGV Ready: readiness for autonomous driving platform
  • Full modularity of the vehicle
  • The latest generation of IT systems
  • Constantly connected to the Cloud.


Electric vehicles permanently connected to the cloud


What is the "Alkè anvanced mobility" division?

The idea of developing advanced mobility was born and developed over the years. Alke has developed advanced systems and innovative component solutions that implement electric vehicles, creating completely new and cutting-edge platforms. These latest-generation electric vehicles are designed to support extraordinary work or routine operations in particularly critical sectors, where the current proposal for eco-sustainable mobility is not yet able to provide maximum performance, thus failing to guarantee adequate solutions.



Sectors of use of UGV vehicles:

  • Repetitive routes 24 hours a day
  • Surveillance and Logistics with high risk situations
  • Situations with bad weather conditions
  • Situations where you need to save man-hours


Unmanned work vehicles: frequent uses

Specifically, we are referring to sectors where the safety of operators is at risk or to sectors, such as logistics, where there is considerable room for improvement, as in the case of self-driving logistics, optimised intermodal logistics or integrated logistics with smart grids. These are but a few examples of the fields in which the new advanced mobility can be adopted to ensure better resource management and operational efficiency. Certainly the main area of application is repetitive routes such as in logistics centres or industrial plants. In high-risk situations, such as natural disasters or dangerous situations, the UGV is also used for surveillance and logistics activities. Once the UGV mode is deactivated, the Alkè vehicle can be used on the road because it is type approved. The UGV is able to drive completely autonomously following routes or alternatively can be controlled remotely. It is a fully electric platform with a high degree of modularity.


Fleet management for Alke' Electric Vehicles


How do we adapt to each request?

Alkè experience on a global level and in the most diverse areas of application, both in terms of sectors and geo-climatic conditions, is the greatest asset for the customer. The company's solid and deep background is indeed fundamental. An in-depth knowledge of real needs and requirements is the key to creating market-oriented solutions that meet the real day-to-day operational needs of different businesses. Not just research and development or prototypes, but real vehicles, electrically powered, developed with advanced technologies that allow them to be used in the most diverse and uncomfortable conditions.
A particular focus by our experts and engineers will be on the integration of specific equipment on basic platforms to allow the coverage of industrial, civil or public safety activities, guaranteeing complete efficiency and total safety for the operators. This type of equipment can be integrated to benefit, for example, sectors such as: advanced logistics, firefighting, first aid, surveillance, cleaning, selective waste management, catering, and many others.


Alkè UGV for military use


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