Electric vehicles with great loading and towing capacity, genereally used inside railway stations, airports, supermarket, industries, warehouses and hangar.

towing tractor by Alke'
Towing tractors: electric towing vehicles
Alke' towing tractors with trailers to tow goods in railway stations or airports
The main purpose of towing tractors is to tow one or more trailer where you have the goods, for logistic operations, maintenance work or cleaning.
In this sector Alke' offers the new ATX, a new electric vehicle with revolutionary features and a very convenient relation between loading capacity and price.
Alke' electric towing tractors are vehicles with top performances, suitable for intensive use with loading capacity up to 1000Kg and towing capacity up to 3000Kg, with a range of 70/100 Km. In addition, it exists a special version of ATX240E with a range of 130 Km.
Our tow tractor is made to provide:
  • Flexibility and high performance in the most varied situations of use
  • Manoeuvrability in narrow areas
  • Safety
  • Solidity
ATX240E is a professional electric vehicle at the top of its cathegory: electric engine with separate excitation engine 6KW with with 14KW peak, double speed mode, engine braking system with energy recovery, full floating rear axle, second auxiliary cooling electro-fan for jobs in tough conditions, 600A controller, on-board high frequency charger to plug everywhere.
Technical characteristics of the Alke' towing tractor:
Characteristics ATX 240E Description towing tractors
Engine Electric with separate excitation SEM excitation on electric tractor allows greater performance and energy saving and therefore lower consumption.
Maximum speed 33 km/h  
Engine brake Yes, with energy recovery The engine brake with energy recovery ensures high safety standards and perfect descent manoeuvrability, as well as lowering consumption.
Loading capacity 1000 Kg Capacity on the load bed very high in relation to the small size of the vehicle.
Towing capacity 3000 Kg The towing capacity (at the top of the category) is guaranteed by the power of the ATX separate excitation engines.
Width 127cm The small width allows to operate in restricted areas.
Power 8KW Available power and torque are really for professional and intensive use.
Max. power separate excitation 14KW It is the max power available in presence of very demanding slopes.
Negotiable slope 27% The electric tractor ATX is probably the only electric tractor in its category to keep up high
performance even in the presence of slopes and difficult land-types.

Clik the following link to see technical specs ATX 240E.
All Alke' electric vehicles have a wide range of fitting and optionals.

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