Towing tractors ALKE' Towing tractors ALKE'

Towing Tractors: up to 4500 kg

Electric tow tractors with high transport and towing capacity, generally used in stations, luggage transport, airports, supermarkets industries, warehouses, ports, resorts, hangars.

Why should you choose Alkè towing tractors?

  • 100% electric: for both indoors and public roads use with N1 approval
  • Agile and compact: only 140 cm wide
  • Towing capacity: up to 4.500 kg
  • Load capacity: up to 1.630 kg (chassis)


Electric tow tractor Alke'

Top-of-the-line towing tractors

The main function of towing tractors is to tow one or more trolleys on which goods are loaded. In this sector Alke' proposes the new tow tractor ATX, the electric vehicle with revolutionary characteristics and an extremely convenient transport capacity/price ratio. Alke' towing tractors are top performance vehicles, suitable for intensive use with a load capacity of up to 1,630 kg (chassis) and towing capacity of up to 4,500 kg and have an autonomy of up to 200 km. The Alke ATX is a top-of-the-range tow tractor: AC electric motor, SPORT and ECO modes, regenerative braking system, floating rear axle, auxiliary cooling fan suitable for working in challenging conditions, Curtis controller, high-frequency on-board charger to connect to any 16A to 220 Volt power outlet. It is also possible to connect Alke' ATX vehicles to charging stations with Type 2 sockets with a special adapter


Towing tractor Alke'

Towing tractor Alke'

Towing trolley

Towing trolley

Tow tractor airport sector

Tow tractor airport sector


The main characteristics of the Alkè towing tractors are:

AC Electric motor High performance, silent and low maintenance
Regenerative braking system Alke tow tractors have motors with energy recovery. This feature ensures greater autonomy, less brake consumption and perfect manoeuvrability when driving downhill.
Chassis load capacity 1.630 kg Very high payload capacity in relation to the small size of the vehicle.
Towing capacity: 4.500 kg Towing capacity according to the size of the vehicle, among the highest in its category.
Vehicle width: 127 cm Its compact width allows it to operate in confined areas and makes it extremely agile.
Max. power separate excitation: 14KW It is the max power available in presence of very demanding slopes.
Negotiable slope: up to 35% The Alke' tow tractor is probably one of the few towing tractors that have high performance even on steep slopes.


Towing tractor for trolleys Alke'

Heavy-duty tow tractors

The Alkè ATX is a professional towing tractor designed and built to withstand a full day's workload. This vehicle is capable of facing unfriendly climate and is designed for intensive use. The Alkè electric tow tractor is a 4-wheel tractor with an operator sitting in the cab. Its high towing capacity allows this tractor to operate in many areas, such as the industrial sector, railways, airports, plant maintenance, cleaning. They also have the advantage of being road-legal, so you can have a vehicle that can work inside a factory, for example, or be used on public roads.




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