Sustainability in sports facilities: zero-emission utility vehicles Sustainability in sports facilities: zero-emission utility vehicles

Sustainability in sports facilities: zero-emission utility vehicles

Alke' zero-emission utility vehicles also find use in sports facilities. The ambulance vehicle, waste collection or various maintenance set-ups are also used for sports events and competitions.

Why you should choose electric utvs for sports facilities:

  • Full-electric
  • Absence of noise
  • Wide range of fittings to choose from
  • Better environmental management


Golf car for waste collection in sports facility

Electric vehicles for sports facilities

Zero-emission utility vehicles are often used in sports facilities as a means of transportation to move easily within the facilities. They can be used to transport athletes, personnel, materials and equipment from one point to another within large sports complexes. Electric utility vehicles are also frequently used as part of sporting competitions and events to collect and transport waste. Generally, zero-emission electric vehicles are preferred because they are quieter, environmentally friendly and require lower maintenance costs than combustion engine vehicles. In large sports facilities, electric utility vehicles can be used to transport equipment such as training equipment, balls, medical supplies and more. This allows staff to move quickly between different areas of the facility without having to travel long distances on foot. Many sports facilities are adopting electric vehicles as part of their efforts to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The use of electric utility vehicles reduces emissions and contributes to better environmental stewardship. Sports facilities choose zero-emission vehicles for several reasons, mainly related to convenience, operational efficiency and mobility. Environmentally friendly vehicles enable easy movement within large sports complexes, which can cover large areas. They are ideal for enabling staff members to reach different parts of the facility quickly and conveniently, especially when there is a need to respond promptly to situations or requests. In large sports facilities, it is often necessary to transport heavy or bulky equipment from one place to another. Alkè electric vehicles offer a practical solution for transporting equipment of various kinds.


Electric ambulance for sports facilities and events

Electric Ambulance, Waste Collection and Maintenance for Sports Facilities

The use of electric ambulances within the facility can improve the control and safety of the area, as first responders can move more quickly and better monitor the environment. Attendants can respond to emergency calls or solve problems more quickly. Waste collection vehicles also play a crucial role within sports facilities, helping to keep the environment clean, tidy and safe for athletes, spectators and staff. Due to their versatility, these vehicles can move nimbly even in tight and crowded spaces, such as parking lots and entertainment areas, ensuring efficient waste collection without interfering with the conduct of sports activities. In addition to practical functionality, waste collection vehicles promote a positive image of the sports facility. A clean and well-maintained environment provides a better experience for athletes and spectators, contributing to a pleasant and professional atmosphere. It also demonstrates the facility's commitment to sustainability and general welfare. Sports facilities look for vehicles that are efficient in performing maintenance and cleaning tasks. This includes speed, ability to cover large areas, and ease of maneuvering within confined spaces, such as corridors between grandstands or spaces between sports fields. Vehicles must be adaptable to carry equipment, tools and materials specific to each activity. The ability to configure vehicles in different ways is an advantage, and Alkè vehicles meet this need perfectly. The size of the vehicle is also important to ensure that it can access different parts of the plant and do the required work. Load capacity is equally crucial, especially for vehicles that need to transport heavy or bulky equipment.


Fast charging for golf cars in sports centre

Sustainable sporting events with Alke' electric vehicles

In a landscape where sustainability is increasingly crucial, sporting events are adopting practices and strategies to minimize their environmental impact. These events are focusing on several key areas. From waste management to reducing emissions, from renewable energy to promoting public transportation and sustainable mobility, sustainable initiatives address every aspect of the sporting event. Alkè zero-emission utility vehicles fit strategically into sustainable sporting events, helping to improve operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and promote a culture of sustainability. Sports facilities want vehicles that are capable of operating for a sufficiently long period without having to be recharged frequently. Alkè electric utility vehicles meet this need, as well as providing the option of fast charging. In this way, the vehicles are always operational and guaranteed to efficiently meet the needs of sports facilities. All Alkè vehicles can also be integrated with a cloud platform. This system is ideal for optimizing and reducing the cost of operating electric vehicles. Alkè electric vehicles were chosen for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, and sustainability was a key aspect in the decision to award the Games to Paris.



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