Snowplough - salt spreader

A sustainable solution for winter traffic issues

Snowplough - salt spreader - A sustainble and efficient solution for winter traffic issues - ALKE' Electric vehicles


Alke' electric vehicles are more and more used by civil protection, municipalities, private citizens and companies as snow plough and/or salt spreader vehicles.


Why choose Snowplough - salt spreader Alke' electric vehicles?

  • Zero emissions: limit-free circulation
  • Road type-approved category N1
  • Compact: only 150 cm width
  • Tested in the harshest climatic conditions
  • Maximum negotiable slope 35%
  • Multiuse: cargo vehicle in summer/snowplough and salt spreader in winter


ALKE' electric vehicles with Snowplough


Electric vehicles with snowplough

Alke' vehicles combine power and reliability that are necessary for vehicles to operate in the most in critical temperaturesand heavy snow storms. Our vehicles with snow blade are ideal for bicycle lanes or on very narrow streets where big snowplough vehicles are not able to transit. Alke' electric vehicles can be arranged for the installation of electric spreaders. This accessory is very useful in winter and combined with the snowplow blade can quickly clean spaces of various sizes both large and small, to prevent ice formation. It is easily manoeuvrable from inside the cab thanks to a joystick that allows you to lift it, lower it and turn it to the right and left. The snow plow blade rubber edge, which allows scraping, can be replaced and always makes it perfect and able to easily the area affected by snow or ice. Installation can be performed in 5 minute.


ALKE' electric vehicles with Snowplough


Features of Salt spreader mounted on Alke' electric vehicles:

Lehner Polaro 12V electric salt spreader, complete with with electronic cab controls, that allow you to have everything under control and also to adjust the width of the salt in output flow, from a minimum of 0.8 to a maximum of 6 meters. Thanks to the 170 liters tank, this salt spreader can be used both in industrial areas, where snow may create big inconveniences, and in the urban areas, or in road maintenance in the municipalities of big cities and small towns. Its sizes in fact are perfect for working in tight areas such as narrow streets of historic centers, bike paths and sidewalks. The spreader is supplied with the anchor bracket to the ATX vehicle (removable in 3 minutes) with fast coupling in the cab and on the truck bed.




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