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Electric vehicle servicing and MOT tests: why they are important Electric vehicle servicing and MOT tests: why they are important

Electric vehicle servicing and MOT tests: why they are important

Electric vehicles require less frequent maintenance than those with internal combustion engines, but even for them it is important to carry out servicing according to manufacturer instructions.

The advantages of MOT test on an electric vehicle:


Maintenance and servicing of an electric vehicle


All the benefits of regular servicing for electric vehicles

MOT tests allow you to check the health of your electric vehicle components, ensuring its proper functioning and durability. Regular servicing avoids inconveniences and keeps the electric vehicle in optimum condition. Alkè vehicles signal when the inspection is due by means of a light on the display. This light is initially orange, then turns red when the limit number of working hours within which the inspection must be carried out has been reached. Maintenance must be carried out by a specialised centre or an authorised Alke dealer. The service network provides theoretical and practical training sessions with Alkè technicians. The good condition of a vehicle affects the autonomy and useful life of the vehicle and battery, which is reason enough to explain why regular servicing is so important.


The periodic inspection of electric vehicles must be carried out by an Alke service centre or a workshop of an Alke' distributor and includes:  
  • Mechanical and electrical checks.
  • Checks on the battery and charging system.
  • Reading of any display errors and their resolution.
  • Performing any software updates on electronic components.



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Accurate and timely periodic inspection

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MOT tests must be carried out by an authorised service centre




Inspection for electric vehicles: fast and cheaper than for an endothermic vehicle

An electric vehicle also has components that are subject to wear and tear such as tyres or brakes, but its servicing is generally simpler than that of a conventional combustion vehicle. Thanks to its technical configuration, it is no longer necessary to replace various components frequently. If a component is not subject to wear, it does not break down as quickly. Even additional checks, accompanied by additional costs, such as an emissions test, are not necessary with battery-powered vehicles. The maintenance of electric vehicles is therefore simpler and less expensive. In general, costs of a service for an electric vehicle are certainly lower than those for an endothermic vehicle. These are simple checks on the condition of the vehicle. Battery management is also simplified; the lithium batteries, which are more commonly used, have an internal management system.


Checks during electric vehicle mot tests


Checks carried out during servicing of electric utility vehicles

Checks carried out during MOT tests may include several inspections. Tyre pressure: correctly inflated tyres ensure safer and more efficient driving. The functionality of safety systems: safety systems, such as the brake system, should be checked regularly to ensure maximum safety in an emergency. The health of the battery and charging system: the battery is the most expensive component of an electric car, so it is important to monitor its health regularly to avoid damage or failure. During the service, the workshop carries out some important checks and inspections, such as the condition of the battery and charging system. Proper functioning of software: electric vehicle software is constantly updated to improve performance and safety. It is important to perform software updates regularly to keep your vehicle in top condition.


Some tips for getting the most out of your electric vehicle:  
  • Follow the manufacturer instructions
  • Contact an authorised service centre
  • Keep track of servicing



Tips for getting the most out of periodic MOT tests on electric vehicles

A few tips for getting the most out of your electric vehicle servicing. Follow manufacturer instructions: it is always important to refer to the owner's manual to find out all the recommendations and indications on the frequency with which servicing should be carried out and all other routine maintenance activities to be performed. Servicing is essential to ensure the longevity and effective operation of any electric vehicle over time. Contact an authorised workshop: maintenance is always best performed by a service centre authorised by the manufacturer. In addition to the manufacturer recommendations, it is also important to contact a competent mechanic. It's useful for further advice and reassurance on how to keep your vehicle in good condition. Keeping track of servicing history: Keeping track of servicing history can help you to know when it is time for a new inspection and to assess the vehicle condition.



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