Rental of electric vehicles Alke' Rental of electric vehicles Alke'

Rental of electric vehicles

Alke' offers a wide range of commercial electric vehicles also on a rental basis relying on its dealer network. Rental can be done both for fleets of vehicles and for single units. The possibilities for acquiring an Alke vehicle are therefore many, you can choose the one you prefer. Find out if your area is covered by this service.

Why choose Alke' electric vehicles

  • 100% electric: non-polluting and silent
  • Wide range of versions to choose from
  • Load capacity up to 1630 kg (chassis) and towing capacity up to 4500 kg
  • Fast charging for non-stop operation
  • N1 Type-approved for on-road use - Also suitable for off-road use


Long-term rental of electric commercial vehicles

Rental of 100% electric vans

Alke' offers a wide range of all-electric vehicles with astonishing performance. These are extremely robust and well-designed electric work vehicles, unrivalled in terms of performance and driving comfort. The Alke sales network covers more than 40 countries worldwide. Most Alkè dealers offer a long-term rental service (generally lasting 4 years). This typically includes registration, commissioning, insurance cover, maintenance and servicing. The all-inclusive solution is certainly one of the biggest advantages. This allows customers to know exactly what their costs will be in addition to the already substantial savings on running and fuel costs. In addition to renting, customers can also decide to acquire Alkè vehicles through leasing. The substantial difference between the two formulas is that in the case of long-term rental the fee includes all ordinary and extraordinary expenses, while in leasing it does not. In addition, with leasing it is possible to redeem the vehicle at the end of the contract.

icon features
  • a wide range of fully electric vehicles
  • high performance and driving comfort
  • Alke' dealers offer rental service
  • all-inclusive solution - one of the main advantages


Long-term rental for vehicle fleets

Long-term rental for vehicle fleets

The rental service is offered both for individual vehicles and for company fleets. The rental vehicles are natively integrated with a fleet management cloud platform designed specifically for them, in order to understand in real time if the vehicles are charging, if they are moving, where they are, the level of battery charge. It is very useful to have constant control and monitoring of the rented vehicles. All Alkè electric vehicles have N1 road homologation according to the WLTP standard but at the same time have performance comparable to a 4x4 in off-road.

icon features
  • vehicle fleet rental
  • vehicles integrated with cloud fleet management platform
  • control and constant monitoring
  • road homologation


Vehicle Body Computer for real-time data monitoring Alke'

Alkè offers a wide range of electric commercial vehicles - Solutions for different needs

Alke' is able to provide solutions for different customer needs because it can count on a complete range of options, accessories and fittings. Alke electric vehicles are used in various sectors, from industry to the public sector, and for different activities. They are professional vehicles used for transport, logistics and other multifunctional or special operations. The Alkè electric vehicle range has 2- or 4-seater cabs, 3 different loading platform sizes and hundreds of configurations to choose from.

icon features
  • wide choice of options, accessories, configurations
  • versatile vehicles
  • cabs with 2 or 4 seats - 3 loading bed dimensions
  • solutions for different sectors and activities




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