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Auxiliary trolley for the movement and storage of removable traction batteries.

Auxiliary trolley for electric vehicles batteries storage


Trolley to change batteries in 5 minutes

Accessory to change the traction batteries in 5 minutes.



Description: Change the traction batteries in 5 minutes with the auxiliary trolley for the movement and storage of removable batteries Alkè. If you have an Alkè vehicle that support this accessory, change batteries quickly is very simple and in 5 minutes your Alkè vehicle is again charged to 100%. The traction batteries are necessary when you need particularly challenging performances.
These batteries are subjected to the maximum effort to produce useful energy for the movement of electric vehicles. When the single battery pack is no longer sufficient to cover the working day then it’s necessary to have an auxiliary traction battery pack. This accessory is used for: vehicles that have to work 24h/24h, airport vehicles, electric vehicles for stations, vehicles for bicycles transport in restricted traffic zone.

Accessory code: [100.082]

Vehicles that can install this accessory: ATX240E