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Prices of utility vehicles Alkè Prices of utility vehicles Alkè

Prices of utility vehicles

5 questions to ask yourself before making your purchase

What is essential to make a good deal and not be disappointed in buying electric utility vehicles? In this article, we try to understand what parameters to consider when evaluating electric utility vehicles prices.


5 Questions to evaluate the price of electric utility vehicles:

  • Are batteries included in the price, or do I have a monthly fee?
  • What is the range of the batteries?
  • What range can it have?
  • What incline can I overcome?
  • What is the durability of a battery pack?


Electrically driven vehicle Alkè

Electric utility vehicles: how to evaluate the price

We know what to ask for to buy combustion utility vehicles, but in the case of an electric one, we very often do not know what to consider when making our evaluations. In recent years sales of electric vehicles have increased considerably, even more than doubling compared to previous years. Certainly various incentives, have played a role, along with an increasing environmental awareness on the part of people. But that's not all there is to it. The number of available models has also increased in recent years, the charging infrastructure, situation has improved, with more charging points available. In addition, the purchase pricesof electric vehicles are becoming more affordable. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are considering the purchase of an electric utility vehicle. Let's see what elements to consider.


Parametre Description How Alkè works
Maximum life span Electric utility vehicles have a maximum lifespan depending on the type but are usually longer-lived than a regular combustion vehicle. A professional electric vehicle has an average lifespan of 10 years, a golf car much less. Alkè electric utility vehicles can operate smoothly for up to 10 years; it is necessary after 4 to 4.5 years to replace the battery set and perform routine maintenance, which in any case is much less than a regular diesel-petrol vehicle.
Build quality An utility vehicle in Europe is certainly more expensive than an electric vehicle built in China, but the service and build quality is totally different. Very often the problem with electric utility vehicles in China is the service life, it is more difficult to find spare parts in the long term. Alkè utility vehicles are entirely made in Italy, they are not imported and rebranded vehicles, this is a guarantee of quality, respect for the environment, respect for the people who make the electric truck. This is a fundamental aspect for Alkè, we want the product to be environmentally and people friendly, even in the production phase. Another aspect in the construction of Alkè electric utility vehicle is the short supply chain, we look for Italian suppliers as much as possible.
Batteyr life Another important parameter is the expected life of the batteries; poor quality batteries last 1 or 2 years. The cost may be less, however, it is necessary to know the price of an additional set of batteries. Alkè vehicle batteries last about 7-8 years; proper maintenance is recommended. They are very high quality traction batteries.
Range and speed of electric utility vehicle One of the biggest obstacles to buying an electric vehicle is definitely range. The latest models have more than enough range for the average driver's mileage, and in any case, charging points have also increased in recent years. Depending on the models, the range varies from 70 to 200 km and the maximum speed varies up to a maximum of 44 km/h. The traction batteries used in Alkè electric vehicles are professional batteries that have higher performance especially in standing starts and uphill climbs. Innovative devices have been used to increase the range such as: energy recovery during braking and downhill, on-board battery chargers, and vehicle programming based on actual customer usage. Alkè is committed to continuous improvement in this filed.
Chassis strength If you need to use the vehicle for work, carefully check that the vehicle chassis is strong. The Alkè chassis is derived directly from ATX off-road vehicles and military vehicles, which are also used by the army and civil defense. Alkè vehicles are ideal for even intensive work.
On-board charger Make sure the charger is included in the price, as this does not frequently come as standard and you have to buy it separately. All Alkè utility vehicles are equipped with high-frequency chargers on board, allowing the car to be recharged from a regular power outlet.

Evaluating the price of an electric truck

Incentives - Maintenance costs - Charging costs

Interest, from both automakers and customers, in all-electric vehicles is increasing. Users are looking a lot at environmental friendliness but of course also at financial savings. The advantages advantages to be gained from the purchase of electric utility vehicles are both on a technical level: the engine operation is simpler, it is quiet and does not pollute (one can drive without problems even in restricted traffic zones), and on an economic level:just think that the expense for a full charge of an Alkè vehicle is about € 2. In the long run, the la economic convenience of an electric vehicle compared to a diesel/petrol one is easily deducible.


icon features
  • less pollution and more care for the environment
  • cost savings and easier maintenance
  • incentives for the purchase of electric utility vehicles
  • high autonomy and more charging points



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