Prices of electric vehicles - Understanding the price of an electric vehicle Prices of electric vehicles - Understanding the price of an electric vehicle

What is important for making a good deal so as not to be disappointed by the purchase of any brand of electric vehicle? For those not in the sector, we will also explain which are the parameters to be taken into consideration for evaluating the electric vehicles prices. In fact, when purchasing an electric vehicle, it is noticed immediately that the price is higher with respect to that of a diesel/petrol vehicle, but we do not know if this amount is justified.

How can you evaluate the price of an electric vehicle?

  • How many years can an electric vehicle work?
  • What is the range and speed of the electric vehicles?
  • How strong is the chassis?
  • Are the electric vehicles tax deductible?



Are the batteries included in the price of the electric machine or do I have to pay/rent them apart?

When buying an electric vehicle, you must ask if the batteries are included in the total price of the electric machine. In some cases, infact, the batteries are sold or rented separately and the price of the battery pack may change depending on how many kilometers you want to ride.




How many years can an electric vehicle work?

Electric vehicles have a maximum life span that depends on the type of the vehicle, but generally they last longer than a normal fuel vehicle, a professional electric vehicle has an average life span of 10 years, golf cars or electric quadricycles much less.
How does Alke' operate: the Alke' electric vehicles work without problems for up to 10 years. After about 4 years the batteries must be changed and routine maintenance performed, which in all cases is much less than for a normal diesel-petrol vehicle.


Electric vehicle - quick-change battery system

What is the manufacturing quality of an electric vehicle?

A vehicle manufactured in Europe is certainly more expensive than a vehicle manufactured in China.
The after-sales services, parts and manufacturing quality of the electric vehicles are absolutely different.
How does Alke' operate: the Alke' electric vehicles are manufactured entirely in Italy; they are not imported and re-branded vehicles and this is a guarantee of quality, respect for the environment and respect for the people producing the electric vehicle. Furthermore All Alke' vehicles, before leaving the plant are tested.




How many years do the batteries last?

Another important parameter is the envisioned duration of the batteries. Poor quality batteries will last 1 or 2 years. They may be less expensive, however you must be aware of the price of an original set of batteries.
How does Alke' operate: the batteries of an Alke' electric vehicle have average duration of about 4 - 4 and a half years, if serviced adequately. They are very high quality drive batteries.


Alke' electric vehicles - Towing vehicle with trailer

What is the range and speed of the electric vehicles?

The range of the electric vehicles is a fundamental parameter: electric vehicles generally have limited range and a compromise is looked for between price of the battery and autonomy.
For example, if 200 km of range are required, lithium batteries must be used, but currently their cost is prohibitive; we are talking in the region of 10,000-15,000 euro just for the batteries.
Moreover, those batteries are not suitable for energy recovery in descent for off road applications.
How does Alke' operate: range varies from 70 to 180 Km and the maximum speed varies from 25 km/h to 60 km/h depending on the models. The drive batteries used in an Alke' electric vehicle have an increased performance especially when starting-up from a standstill and on uphill slopes. Maximum speed is low, but the cost of these battery packs is about a fifth of that of a lithium battery, therefore about 2,000 - 3,000 Euro. Innovative set-ups have been used to increase range, such as: brake energy recovery and when travelling downhill, battery charger on board, vehicle programming on the basis of real use by the customer. Alke' is committed to continuous improvement in this field.




For how many years can I find spare parts easily? Can I repair the electric vehicle in the future?

Another crucial point; spare parts must be easy and quick to find. Re-branded imported vehicles very often do not have spare parts or a long time is required before they can be obtained.
On other occasions, if you purchase imported electric vehicles, spare parts are guaranteed for a short period of time only.
How does Alke' operate: Alke' guarantees spare parts for all electric vehicles generally within 48 working hours. Everything is produced in Italy and therefore easy to find. Alkè can guarantee spare parts for all of its models, even those from several years ago. You can have your vehicle repaired even after 10 years, without having to purchase a new one.


Alke' electric vehicles - chassis

How strong is the chassis?

If you must use the electric vehicles for work, check thoroughly that the vehicle's chassis is robust enough to work even on tough conditions and is able to assure the highest safety stardards.
How does Alke' operate: the Alke' electric vehicles chassis derives directly from ATX off road vehicles, which are also used by the armed forces and for civil protection. The Alke' electric vehicles are ideal for working.




Are the electric vehicles tax deductible?

In some countries the electric vehicles are totally or partially tax deductible. Moreover, in some case incentives or other forms of promotions are envisioned.
How does Alke' operate: Alke' electric vehicles make use of tax relief and different forms of incentives on the basis of type-approval and the country of destination.




Are the battery chargers included in the price of the electric vehicles?

Make sure that the battery chargers are included in the price of the electric vehicles. Very often these are not supplied as per standard and must be purchased separately.
How does Alke' operate: all Alke' electric vehicles have the high frequency battery charger on board. This allows to recharge the vehicle from a normal socket.






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