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How to evaluate electric pick up prices

Electric Van Prices


In the market there is a growing number of electric van with prices even very different from each other, how to orient? Some of the elements that can affect the price differences between electric vans are: technology, loading and towing capacity, construction quality.


Elements that can affect the price differences between electric vans are:


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Electric Vehicles Technology

Alke' vehicles for example use cutting-edge technical solutions such as the possibility for ATX models to monitor all the functions on the digital display at the center of the dashboard (over 40 functions shown). From the dashboard can be selected in real time the entire vehicle settings to suit the working conditions required. Furthermore ATX models can have the Alke' Vehicle Body Computer (VBC) that can provide remote monitoring in real time, an optimal and efficient management of the electric fleet, reduction in operation costs, performance, consumption, position, and maintenance data. Alke' vans can be equipped with lithium batteries that bring the maximum autonomy to 200 km.


Loading and towing capacity

Electric van with higher loading and towing capacity may have an higher price because it has more performance and it is more strong so it can work also in the most demanding working conditions. Alke' electric commercial vehicles have a payload of up to 1.630 kg (chassis) and a towing capacity up to 4.500 kg, among the highest in their category. These technical characteristics certainly affect the price of electric vans, higher performance is usually associated with a higher price.


Construction quality

The way an electric van is made affects on the price, for example for all Alke' vehicles design, prototyping, production and after sales support are managed directly by the corporate office. Alke' suppliers are based in Europe or USA and the majority is based in northern Italy near the Alkè plant, such suppliers are able to provide best quality and fast and flexible support. Alke’ electric vehicles are fitted with technical solutions and components originating from the off-road and industrial sectors which, together with high level construction standards, make them unique in terms of robustness and reliability.


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Surely to compare the prices of different electric van these are items to evaluate because you have to remember that the better the quality of an electric pick-up is then will be less the required maintenance (which is in any case lower than that of a conventional fuel vehicle). But perhaps the most significant distinguishing factor comparing electric vans with conventional ones is the cost of fuel versus recharging, even zero ermissions utility vehicles that have high price, in a medium term bring a considerable saving.



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