Small Off-Road Vehicles Become More Eco-Friendly Alkè

Small Off-Road Vehicles: 100% Eco-Friendly


The small Alke' ATX electric vehicle passed all the tests brilliantly and proved to be an ideal vehicle for off-road use on dirt tracks and climbs.


Why should you choose Alke' small off-road vehicles?

  • Off-road trim for difficult terrain
  • Maximum negotiable slope of 35%
  • Extremely compact: only 140 cm wide
  • Suitable even for use on grass carpet
  • Wide range of equipment to choose from


Small off-road vehicle on dirt track Alke'


Small off-road vehicles - 100% Electric

In the collective imagination, electric vehicles are generally contextualised within urban and perhaps hilly areas and the technology of electric cars is still considered too fragile and delicate to tackle off-road routes. Yet there are exceptions, one of which is the Alke ATX, an electric utility vehicle that is well suited to both urban and off-road use. In many cases, before purchasing Alke electric vehicles, customers use diesel vans and Alke's small off-road vehicles are chosen because they are considered to have the same performance. The Alke ATX is equally capable of tackling rough terrain, but at the same time it respects nature, being a zero-emission vehicle, and fits perfectly into natural settings, having a quiet as well as non-polluting engine. The Alkè small off-roaders have also proved to be very easy to use: the instrumentation is essential and maintenance operations minimal, certainly less than those required for a diesel engine.


Uphill off-road

Uphill off-road

Off-road vehicle on snow

Off-road vehicle on snow

Off-roader with steel mesh sides

Off-roader with steel mesh sides


Alke' electric off-road vehicles - Key features

One of the characteristics of this vehicle is its modularity: a number of accessories can be fitted to the rear of the small ATX, each designed for different situations. With a few simple steps, the ATX can be transformed from a work vehicle into a mini bus, for example. This is a very useful function, for example, on estates that often include holiday farms. In just two minutes, almost like a stopwatch, two comfortable and safe seats can be attached to the load compartment, which is usually used for transporting goods, to transport guests. The passenger module is not only very easy to assemble, but also ensures the safety of the passengers: it is equipped with a platform and seat belts. The quiet, smoke-free motor of the ATX small off-road vehicles ensures that those staying on the farm have a pleasant journey despite the dirt roads. The ATX range of small off-roaders can cope with very steep gradients (up to 35%) and the range can be up to 200 km on a lithium battery. As a small professional vehicle, the ATX is objectively compact, adapting perfectly to the peculiarities of often narrow dirt tracks. As it is also quite light, despite having a considerable load capacity, it does not ruin the lawns when driving, also thanks to the use of special tyres (wider than standard ones).


electric compact off-roader


Small electric off-roaders - Versatile, with high performance

Chosen for its robustness, its ability to be used in a variety of contexts (transporting both goods and people), its ability to negotiate narrow tracks and off-road terrain with not inconsiderable agility, the small ATX off-roader is characterised above all by its attention to ecology. In off-road areas, the fact that it does not release emissions that are harmful to the environment is undoubtedly an appreciable plus.




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