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Off-road commercial vehicles

Electric work vehicles comparable to four wheel drive vehicles

Alke' electric off-road commercial vehicles are able to deliver levels of performance comparable to those of a 4wd, combined with the advantages of an electric vehicle.


Why choose off-road commercial vehicles with performance levels equal to a 4wd?

  • Maximum load capacity (chassis): 1,630 kg
  • Towing capacity up to 4,500 kg (in private areas)
  • Negotiable slope up to 35%
  • Significantly lower consumption than 4x4 combustion powered vehicles
  • European N1 type-approval for use on public roads


Alke' electric commercial vehicles - High levels of performance such as 4wd vans

The Alke' ATX range includes electric vehicle models with levels of performance equal to 4x4 commercial vehicles. The only electric vehicles able to tackle climbs in the order of 35%, to provide the best performance during intensive use or in difficult environments, all without sacrificing driver comfort, thanks to their helical spring suspensions, heavy duty differentials with full-floating removable semi-axles and a comfortable compartment both in terms of layout and driving position. Alke' electric vehicles are fitted with components and adopt technical solutions derived from the off-road sector, which is why they can be relied upon to deliver a high level of stability, with a perfect trajectory when cornering and optimal grip even on the most inaccessible terrain, such as dirt or snow-covered roads. They also have high torque motors with gradual power distribution which are ideal when facing hazardous terrain.


Off-road commercial vehicle

Off-road commercial vehicle

Electric commercial vans

Electric commercial vans

Road holding with snow

Road holding with snow


Off-road commercial vehicles for intensive use or on difficult terrain

Alke' ATX work vehicles are extremely robust and high performing; the towing capacity up to 4,500 kg (on private areas) is among the highest among vehicles in this category making them especially suited for use in airports, to carry out logistics and maintenance activities. Their load capacity of up to 1,630 kg (chassis) also demonstrates these small vans are a match for 4x4s. With a width of only 140 cm, it is undoubtedly the electric vehicle which offers levels of performance most similar to a 4wd commercial vehicle, ideal for use in confined spaces such as paths, lanes in historic city centres or areas where it is easier to drive a vehicle with a reduced turning radius.


Work vehicle on dirt road - Alke'

Highly customisable off-road commercial vehicles

Alke' ATX commercial vehicles were developed to meet the growing needs of those who need a vehicle with superior performance, zero CO2 emissions and no increase in consumption. They are designed to provide durability, reliability and respect the environment. Without relinquishing comfort and other equally important aspects such as innovation and technology, these all-electric drive industrial vehicles are able to satisfy the most demanding requirements, from those who need to tow substantial weights, to those who must face routes which involve ascents, or uneven and snow-covered terrain. To all of this, add the modularity and distinctive features of Alke' vehicles which make it possible to have a vehicle which is configured to your specific requirements and able to carry out various activities in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Click on the link to discover a few of the multiple possible configurations.


Electric drive commercial vehicles Alke' - Performance of a 4wd



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