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Municipal maintenance vehicles

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly vehicle for the management of ecological services? Would it be useful to have a system that optimises operators' activities? Alkè electric vehicles answer these questions.


Why you should choose Alkè municipal maintenance vehicles

  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Benefits for users and for those living their operating environments
  • Compact and therefore ideal for city centre streets
  • Hundreds of fittings to choose from


Waste collection vehicle for ecological services Alkè

Eco-friendly services with zero environmental impact with Alkè vehicles

Green service vehicles are important because they enable activities essential to our society to be carried out in a more sustainable and responsible manner, reducing environmental impact and promoting the transition to a greener economy. Alkè electric vehicles can cope with all activities that fall within the scope of municipal facility maintenance vehicles. For separate waste collection there is the option of a waste collection body with or without bin lift system, which can be equipped with various attachments. For urban cleaning, you can opt for the COMBI set-up with a high-pressure washer in combination with mesh side extensions, a cargo body with drop sides, or a waste collection body. For urban road and green maintenance activities the equipment with a dropside body with mesh side extensions or with a three-sided tipper is usually used. Alkè municipal facility maintenance vehicles are able to satisfy a wide range of needs thanks to the hundreds of configurations available in the catalogue and customisation can be carried out in the case of fleets. The use of electric vehicles for ecological services also offers a series of advantages for both the users and those living in the environments in which the vehicles operate, such as savings in the medium to long term, easy maintenance, low environmental impact, and no disturbance of public peace. Municipal facility maintenance services can be managed in a more sustainable and responsible manner with Alkè vehicles.


Cloud connected waste collection vehicles Alkè

Efficient fleet management with the Alkè Cloud

All Alkè municipal facility maintenance vehicles can be equipped with the Alkè Cloud platform. This system allows efficient fleet management because it provides a range of information both in real time and recorded for analysis at a later date. Among the various reports available is the waste collection report, which allows the analysis of various data collected relating to this activity: position, stop & go, average speed, among others. Another very useful report in the field of ecological services is the activity map which monitors the operation of the vehicle in the field: spraying of gardens, use of the pressure washer, sprayer, to give a few examples. Alkè municipal facility maintenance vehicles can be equipped with an assisted starting system, hill holder. This system is particularly useful when starting uphill. This function holds and stops the vehicle to prevent backwards movement. This makes all activities that require frequent stop-and-go easier. This is why waste collectors particularly appreciate it. Being able to rely on a system that stops the vehicle automatically, preventing it from rolling backwards, makes driving comfortable and less stressful.



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