Alkè extends the cargo bed size of its utility vehicles


Alkè extends the cargo bed size of its vehicles


Alke' is expanding its range of electric utility vehicles with an even longer cargo bed. The 250 cm long version has been added to the existing versions. The 250 cm long version allows a very large space to work, while maintaining the compact dimensions typical of Alkè vehicles.


The main characteristics of the 250 cm long cargo bed

  • Maximum load capacity: 1480 kg (chassis)
  • Maximum autonomy: 180 km
  • Anti-roll kit as standard: to allow for greater vehicle stability under loads
  • Also available in COMBI versions with mixed configuration


Alke' long wheelbase commercial vehicle


The widest cargo bed in the Alkè vehicle range

The Alke utility vehicle with a 250 cm long cargo bed is the ideal solution for all those who need a compact vehicle with a large and fully utilisable compartment. This loading bed, the longest one in the range, can only be fitted to the model ATX 340EH, the most suitable for intensive use. An anti-roll kit is fitted as standard and allows for greater vehicle stability under loads with a high centre of gravity. The Alke' ATX with its even longer platform is the perfect solution for those who need more loading space for the transport of bulky materials. The 2.5 m long body is designed to carry up to three Euro pallets, with a maximum load capacity of 1480 kg per chassis. The lithium-ion battery provides a maximum range of 180 km. The 250 cm long version joins the existing 130 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm versions.


Long tipper cargo bed Alke'


Applications of the long wheelbase electric vehicle

The ATX 340EH with its 250 cm long cargo bed is mainly required for use in municipalities. This very long cargo area is ideal for transporting bulky material such as barriers used at events. It can be equipped with a very large 3.5 m3 waste collection tank or in the COMBI version with a 2.2 m3. It is useful for road maintenance and landscaping. In the COMBI version with rear box and drop side body, operators can store equipment in the box and still have a very large loading area.

icon features
  • ideal for transporting bulky material
  • large loading space with compact dimensions
  • suitable for intensive use
  • maximum load capacity 1480 kg - maximum autonomy 180 km
Electric vehicle with drop side body


A wide range of configurations and accessories

The 250 cm long loading bed is configurable with numerous configurations and accessories. From the classic drop side body to the steel mesh sides for greater loading volume. Can be closed with tarp. It can be fitted with a 3.5 m 3 waste collection body, also with a bin lift. The cargo bed can also be fitted with an electro-hydraulic tipping. A pair of tool boxes is also available on request. The COMBI configurations are also available, with a tool box or high-pressure cleaner module that can be combined with the loading area (which becomes 200 cm) with drop side body, steel mesh sides, body tarp or a 2.2 m3 waste collection body.

icon features
  • 3.5 m3 waste collection tank
  • electro-hydraulic tipping
  • pair of toolboxes
  • COMBI versions available


Flatbed with ample loading space - Alkè work vehicle




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