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Logistics and last mile delivery with electric vehicles

The last-mile logistics sector is growing enormously. Which vehicles are best suited for urban deliveries? Certainly they must be environmentally friendly, but at the same time ensure adequate autonomy and load capacity.


Why you should choose Alkè vehicles for last mile deliveries:

  • Reduced environmental impact: 100% electric vehicles
  • Ideal for urban mobility with frequent stop & go driving
  • Enhancing your brand
  • Extremely compact and unrestricted in circulation
  • Cloud-ready


Electric van for last-mile deliveries Alkè

Last mile deliveries: all the advantages in using an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are definitely the ideal solution when it comes to last-mile deliveries. Last-mile delivery represents the final delivery phase of a parcel, from the moment it leaves the distribution hub to when it reaches its final destination. Last-mile deliveries mostly take place in urban areas, i.e. in areas with heavy traffic and very often with transit restrictions. Electric vehicles are zero-emission and can therefore circulate without restrictions. They are also ideal for activities that require frequent stop & go driving such as last mile deliveries. Alkè electric vehicles are extremely compact, which allows them to drive smoothly along narrow streets and through city traffic. Another key aspect is autonomy, as Alkè vehicles achieve a range of 200 km and can rely on a fast charging system (with lithium batteries). Investing in a fleet of electric vehicles for last-mile delivery provides a number of benefits, both economic and environmental. In addition to respect for the environment, there are savings in terms of running and maintenance costs.


Last mile cloud connected vehicles Alkè

Alkè Cloud allowing more and more efficient deliveries

Alkè electric vehicles are high-tech vehicles. Among other things, they can be integrated with a fleet planning and control platform, which is useful for improving routes and making deliveries even more efficient. This is a remote monitoring system devised by Alkè and specifically designed for its vehicles. This system is ideal for optimising and reducing the management costs of electric vehicles for an entire fleet. It also provides the main operating data of an electric vehicle in real time. In this way, you can always have a 360° overview of your fleet and make your deliveries even more efficient and on time.


Electric vehicle for last mile delivery Alkè

A full solution for deliveries of goods to the city centres

You can choose from a wide range of fittings of Alkè electric vehicles: from the closed box with roller side shutters, to the refrigerated van to the isothermal van, with different dimensions and load volumes. If required, Alkè can also develop customised solutions. These vehicles are the answer to the great challenge of the transport sector, which is to achieve the best efficiency in the last mile. Delivery costs and pollution are the two crucial factors in last-mile delivery. Using electric vehicles in your fleet provides an effective solution to both these problems.



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