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Isothermal insulated van Alke' Isothermal insulated van Alke'

Isothermal insulated van

The Alke' isothermal van with electric motor is usually used for deliveries of food or perishable goods to shops in the city centre and pedestrian zones. This temperature-controlled van can also be used to transport medicines.

Why you should choose an Alke' isothermal vehicle

  • ATP - FRAX certification for delivery of groceries and fresh food or medicines
  • 100% Electric: can circulate in Limited Traffic Zones
  • Extremely compact: 140 cm
  • Ideal for delivery at controlled temperatures


Insulated or refrigerated isothermal vehicles

The isothermal box maintains the temperature of the load and minimises heat loss. Insulated vans can be equipped with a refrigerated cell. These vehicles are generally used for small-scale distribution and are suitable for the transport of foodstuffs. Alke' insulated vans are very small in size, with an overall width of no more than 140 cm, ensuring extreme manoeuvrability in any manoeuvre. The standard use of these vehicles is often in the food industry for the supply of perishable goods. The high capacity of the batteries (up to 200 km) allows the vehicles to operate non-stop for the entire working day, maximising the efficiency and productivity of the delivery business. The structure of the isothermal box is insulated to insulate and maintain a stable internal temperature, avoiding temperature dispersion. For this reason, the use of such isothermal vans is also becoming increasingly common in the health sector, for the transport of medicines.


Electric insulated vehicles with refrigerant compressor unit

Isothermal vans approved for transporting foodstuffs or medicines

More and more often customers want to receive fresh food directly at home, and in recent years home deliveries in LTZs have increased dramatically. To meet this demand, Alke has created new insulated electric vans. These insulated vans are used in historic town centres, small villages, residences, hospitals, along the coastline, for the delivery of perishable goods to shops in restricted traffic zones where combustion vehicles are banned. The Alkè isothermal vans have road homologation category N1 and, being zero emission vehicles, they can enter areas with traffic restrictions or closed spaces. If you need to transport goods at a controlled temperature, isothermal vans are the ideal solution.


ATX features with isothermal box Description
Motor: Electric Three-phase motors guarantee very high performance and at the same time energy savings, thus lowering consumption.
Max. speed: 44Km/h Reduced mode allows optimum use of available torque and greater driving control.
Motor brake: Yes The motor brake with energy recovery ensures a high standard of safety and perfect manoeuvrability when descending, as well as lower fuel consumption.
Autonomy: 60-200 km Depending on the customer's needs and chosen battery.
Maximum load capacity: 1514 kg It depends on selected model: 340E - 330E - 320E
Internal volume: 2.8 m³ o 3.7m³ Depending on required loading platform (1800 o 2000 mm)
Box dimensions: 1800/2000 mm x 1260 mm x 1230/1330 mm Possibility to choose between two sizes
Doors: 4 sliding side doors Greatly facilitates the loading and unloading of goods




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