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Hooklift electric vehicle Alke' Hooklift electric vehicle Alke'

Hooklift electric vehicle Alke'

Find out how to increase efficiency in your job

Another piece of equipment is added to the wide range already available for Alkè electric vehicles. This is the hooklift body, equipped with a hydraulic hook for loading and unloading the body.


Why you should choose Alkè electric hooklift truck:

  • To reduce environmental impact
  • To decrease operating costs
  • To make load handling more efficient and easier
  • To choose the most suitable tool for construction sites, utilities, industry, logistics


Hooklift electric truck Alkè

The ideal electric hooklift vehicle for your activities

Among the numerous fittings available for Alkè electric vehicles there is the hooklift setup. A full-electric solution, ideal for handling loads. Hooklift bodies are real allies for collecting materials and waste produced during work, whether on construction sites for the removal of rubble and building debris, or in urban services, industry and logistics. These are containers, which can be detached from the vehicle to which they are attached, to become a temporary storage site that allows material to be collected quickly and economically. In general, choosing an electric roll-off vehicle can be a cost-effective choice for companies that want to reduce environmental impact, decrease operating costs and improve safety and work efficiency.


Vehicle roll-off equipment Alkè

Hooklift vehicle: a wide range of applications

Roll-off trucks can be used in a large range of areas. These can include construction sites: hooklift vehicles are often used to transport materials such as bags of cement, containers, heavy equipment, and to move over rough and uneven terrain within a construction site. Industry: roll-off trucks can be used to transport goods, equipment and components within a factory or warehouse. Logistics and transport: hooklift vehicles can be used to load and unload containers, trailers and other means of transport. Public services: roll-off trucks can be used for street cleaning, snow removal, equipment handling and other public service tasks. In general, electric hooklift vehicles can be used in any field that requires the movement of heavy loads over short distances, both indoors and outdoors, on difficult terrain or in enclosed spaces, or where flexibility and functionality are required.



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