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Green vehicles: A quick guide to eco-friendly vehicles Alke' Green vehicles: A quick guide to eco-friendly vehicles Alke'

Green vehicles: A quick guide to eco-friendly vehicles

A green or ecological vehicle is a vehicle that has little or no impact on the environment. The benefits of using this type of vehicle are countless, so let's see them together.

Why you should choose Alke' green vehicles

  • Full electric: no CO2 emissions and silent
  • They help make cities cleaner, less polluted
  • You can exploit 100% clean energy through renewable energy sources
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs


Green electric vehicle Alke'

What is meant by green or eco-friendly vehicles

The category of green vehicles includes vehicles powered by different fuel types and different technologies. It includes electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, clean ethanol vehicles, natural gas vehicles, clean diesel vehicles, to name a few. Green vehicles therefore include types of vehicles that run wholly or partly on alternative energy sources to fossil fuel or with less CO2 emissions than petrol or diesel. In this article, we will discuss vehicles that are fully electric-powered.

icon features
  • vehicles powered by different types of fuel
  • vehicles equipped with innovative technologies
  • less CO2 emissions than petrol or diesel
  • Alkè green vehicles: 100% electric


Green vehicles with electric drive Alkè

The benefits of using green vehicles

There is no doubt that the main benefit of using eco-friendly vehicles is the environmental benefit. More than ever before, we are trying to find solutions to cut polluting emissions that contribute to climate change. The adoption of green vehicles, particularly electric ones, makes it possible to make our cities cleaner. The so-called smart cities that seek to improve the liveability of citizens, reduce pollution, reduce CO2 emissions. Alkè electric vehicles are specifically used in urban areas for waste collection, logistics and delivery activities. Another benefit is certainly health. Pollution is known to cause numerous illnesses that could be partly solved by breathing cleaner air. Benefits in terms of cost reduction. Green vehicles, and electric vehicles in particular, guarantee a significant reduction in both running and maintenance costs. In the case of electric vehicles, 100% clean energy can be harnessed through renewable energy sources, such as integration with photovoltaic systems.

icon features
  • benefits for the environment
  • health benefits
  • cost reduction
  • 100% clean energy through renewable energy sources


Green electric vehicle Alke'

Alke' ecological vehicles at a glance

Alke green vehicles are all-electric and perhaps nowadays the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the road are those that are powered by electricity. Autonomy can be up to 200 km with lithium batteries, and non-stop operation is guaranteed thanks to both the fast-charging system and the multiple quick-change battery system. Another pollution-free aspect is the quietness. These are silent vehicles that can work at any time of day or night and in any context. Alke' electric vehicles are extremely robust work vehicles with hundreds of configurations to choose. Among the countless configurations options, the waste collection and logistics vehicles, which are widely used in urban areas because they are environmentally friendly, certainly play a major role.




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