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Green Mini Trucks

The Alkè green mini trucks are built for work. They are N1 WLTP type-approved for road circulation at European Union level and they are indicated for many applications, including off-road environment. They are the most indicated for very heavy and off-the-road work conditions, even in the presence of steep slopes (up to 35% gradient).


Why should you choose Alkè green mini trucks?

  • Motor break system allowing good operation in highland
  • Front suspension and axle with rear stabilizer bar ensure wheel grip
  • Choice among different wheelbase lengths
  • Numerous options for the best cabin comfort


Zero emission mini truck

The advantages of the motor break system

The presence of the motor brake is essential on mountainous routes. Vehicles that also have 4-wheel drive but with standard speed variators are not able to guarantee minimum safety requisites in these situations. Any expert user knows that it is the descent of steep slopes, and not the ascent, that really tests the stability of the vehicle, along with the wear and consequent holding of the brakes. All Alke' green mini trucks have an automatic insertion motor brake system which makes use of a dry bi-disc clutch. This ensures maximum control of the vehicle, high safety standards and perfect manoeuvrability on uneven land as well.


Green mini truck on slope

Stable grip even in challenging conditions

These vehicles fit independent MacPherson front suspension off-road versions and De-Dion axle with a stabilizer bar at the rear that guarantees permanent grip of all wheels, even on rough ground, avoiding possible skidding or loss of control. Other standard assets are: dual circuit hydraulic brakes, parking brake, front and rear double tongue tow bars, differential guard, headlight, tail lights, safety strobe light (on request), stop and hazard lights, horn, 12 V on-board plug, loading bed with aluminium drop sides and steel full-height cargo barrier with roll bar function.


Green mini truck for work

Explore the various wheelbase alternatives

There are four versions of Alke mini trucks equipped with different loading bed dimensions and wheelbase value. The rear cargo bed is 1300 mm, 1800 mm, 2000 mm or 2500 mm long. Combi configurations with 150 cm long dropside bodies are included in Alke’ range. Our technical team deals with the feasibility of customised cargo areas on demand. Customers are able to choose among many options according to their needs in terms of available space, activities to be handled and general preference. Finishes of Alke mini trucks are carefully studied in every detail. The modern dashboard is laid out like that of a car, allowing the user to keep all the vehicle tools and commands under control at all times. A cab or half-cab may be fitted to deal with difficult environmental and climatic conditions, as well as the possibility of an internal heating/air conditioning system. Many other accessories can be installed on requested, such as audio system, rear-view camera, central door lock etc.



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