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Golf carts for trade shows and events Golf carts for trade shows and events

Golf carts for trade shows and events

Mobility and logistics for sustainable events

Golf carts find great application at trade shows and events. Indeed, they can enjoy privileged access in such settings, allowing greater flexibility of movement. Alkè with its all-electric vehicles also helps fairs and events to be more sustainable.

Why you should choose golf-carts for trade shows and events:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Noise reduction
  • Corporate image and branding
  • Operating cost savings


Electric ambulance for trade fairs and events Alke'

Eco-friendly vehicles for exhibition hubs and events

The use of golf carts within trade shows and events can offer a number of benefits in both environmental and practical terms, helping to create a more enjoyable, sustainable and modern experience for attendees. Golf carts do not emit harmful exhaust gases during operation, thus helping to reduce air pollution and environmental impact. This is especially important in crowded environments such as trade shows and events, where the buildup of internal combustion vehicles could worsen air quality. Electric-powered golf carts are known to be quieter than internal combustion vehicles. This is advantageous in exhibition and event settings, where engine noise could interfere with activities. The use of electric vehicles can project an image of environmental responsibility and modernity for the companies involved. This can help improve the branding and overall image of the event or organization. Although golf carts may have a higher initial cost than internal combustion vehicles, operating costs tend to be lower. Electric power is often less expensive than fuel, and electric vehicles require less maintenance due to their mechanical simplicity. The use of golf carts can generate interest and attention from the public. Event visitors may be intrigued by sustainable technologies and the novelty of electric vehicles, thus attracting greater participation and involvement. The adoption of electric vehicles can serve as an example and promote the adoption of green and sustainable technologies. This is especially relevant at events where environmental, clean energy, and sustainability issues are discussed.


Waste collection and cleaning vehicle for trade fairs and events Alke'

Events also sustainable through the use of all-electric vehicles

Golf carts can be used in many activities within trade shows to improve operational efficiency, sustainability and the overall attendee experience. Here are some of the activities in which electric vehicles can be used. Electric vehicles are used to transport visitors, exhibitors and staff within the exhibition site. Golf carts can be very useful for moving materials, equipment, exhibitors, and products from one point to another at the trade show. They are suitable for transporting light and medium loads, contributing to more efficient logistics. Golf carts can be used for cleaning services within the exhibition site. They are quiet and emit no emissions, which is advantageous when cleaning operations are carried out during the fair's opening hours. Electric vehicles can be adopted for security and surveillance services within the fairgrounds. They can be equipped with surveillance and communication systems to ensure the safety of all participants. Electric vehicles can be used as a means of promotion and advertising. They can be customized with event brands, slogans or graphics, attracting the attention of visitors and the media. The use of golf carts in these various activities can help make the event more efficient, sustainable, and engaging for participants, enhancing the image of the event and meeting the growing needs for environmental sustainability.


Electric work vehicles for maintenance at trade shows and events

A wide range of configurations and accessories to choose from

Hundreds of available configurations from which Alkè customers can choose. At trade shows and events, the most commonly used set-ups are the ambulance vehicle, the waste collection and transport body, and the dropside body vehicle with drop sides or mesh side extensions for transporting materials and for maintenance activities. Alkè golf carts can also be customized with event or trade show graphics. There is a lot of talk these days about making events sustainable. Events designed, planned and implemented to minimize the impact of the event itself on the environment. Alkè helps fairs and events to be more sustainable with its all-electric golf carts.


Cloud management of electric vehicles for trade shows and events

Keep your vehicles under control at all times with the Alke' Cloud

Within an exhibition center that is spread over often very large areas, it can be useful to equip one's vehicles with a cloud platform that monitors them at 360°. This system can be installed on all Alke' golf carts and gives a real-time overview of the fleet to optimize daily operations and reduce costs. Such a system, designed specifically for Alke electric vehicles, provides the main operating data of an electric vehicle in real time while also anticipating potential malfunctions or allowing them to be resolved quickly.



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