Golf carts for agriculture and riding stables Alke' Golf carts for agriculture and riding stables Alke'

High-performance golf carts for agriculture and riding stables

If the usual golf car isn't enough for you but you have to tackle 35% slopes, 1630 kg loads, the solution is Alkè electric transport vehicles. Alke vehicles are able to operate on all types of terrain. They are silent and non-polluting, which is why they are also widely used in the agriculture sector and in riding stables.

Why should you choose Alke vehicles for farms and riding stables?

  • Zero emissions: they do not pollute the environment and respect animals
  • Extremely robust: load capacity up to 1630 kg (chassis) and towing capacity up to 4500 kg
  • Off-road performance comparable to a 4x4 and slopes that can be overcome up to 35%
  • Extremely versatile thanks to the wide range of configurations available



Golf carts ideal for farms and riding stables

Alke electric golf carts are extremely robust, environmentally friendly and able to move over any type of terrain. For all these reasons they are widely used in the agricultural sector. One of the most common uses is in stables where they are used for horse care and maintenance activities. They are also used for the same activities on farms, in large estates and in agritourisms. These are high-performance golf cars. They have a load capacity of 1630 kg (chassis) and a towing capacity of 4500 kg (private area). What's more, these vehicles are able to operate nimbly on all types of terrain, making them ideal for this sector.


Golf car with dropside body

Golf car with dropside body

Steel mesh sides

Steel mesh sides

Golf car farm

Golf car farm


Maximum customisation of configurations

One of the main features of Alke electric golf carts is their extremely high customisation capability. Customisation combined with high performance is certainly one of the determining factors in the choice. Among the most commonly used configurations in riding stables and farms in general are: the dropside body with sides that can be opened on three sides, electro-hydraulic tipping, and steel mesh sides. The possibility of choosing the equipment that best suits your needs makes these golf cars extremely efficient.


Electric vehicle for farms and riding stables

Golf cars approved for agriculture

All Alke electric vehicles are approved for road use. This allows them to be used both in the riding stables or on the farm and on public roads. The fact that they can be driven on public roads is another plus in favour of Alkè vehicles, as it makes them extremely versatile. If there is a need to transport work teams on the farm, the range of Alkè vehicles also includes versions with 4 seats. These are also approved for road circulation.



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