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Type-approved Golf Car: from the green to goods transport Alke'


Type-approved Golf Car: from the green to goods transport


Originally designed to ensure the movement of people and their equipment around golf courses, golf cars were generally the first type of electric vehicle to be produced on a large scale. Today, it is not uncommon to see them on the road or used for medium-length goods transport.



Why you should use Alkè approved Golf Cars

  • European road homologation N1 WLTP
  • Ideal for both road and off-road use
  • Electric drive: designed for transport in LEZ


Golf cars ideal for transport

The spread of these vehicles to other fields is made possible above all by their high versatility, which makes them suitable for the most diverse sectors, not exactly specific to golf clubs. It is not uncommon to see these vehicles moving outside the green, perhaps at the service of, for example, industries, hotels and airports.
Alke' proposes different solutions that aim to satisfy the most varied needs from the transport of people, to the transport of goods, to towing. Alke golf cars are all equipped with N1 WLTP European type approval, which allows them to circulate freely on public roads, and have ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-45001 certifications. The highest environmental standards are therefore guaranteed, allowing them to circulate on public roads even in city centres, without restrictions.


golf car approved electric


Much more than just an electric golf car

Thanks to the 8kW motor with a peak power of 14kW they guarantee excellent performance even uphill, up to a 35% gradient. Alke' golf cars are particularly suitable for medium-distance and stop-and-go driving, thanks to the energy recovery system when braking. Alkè golf cars are not only ecological and practical in the city, but are also ideal vehicles for transporting goods and for towing even on unpaved roads.


Which load capacity do golf cars have?

Depending on the model, they have a chassis load capacity of up to 1630 kg, not to mention the ease with which they can be recharged (which can be done from any 220 volt 16 A socket, at a cost of around €2 to €3) or from an electric charging station. Our golf cars have a range of up to 200 km, depending on the model. Quiet and emission-free, they can be used anywhere, even in special situations that require special care due to their natural features, structure or position.


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Alke' proposes the professional electric vehicle ATX 340E, the top of the range which, thanks to its mechanics of military derivation and lithium batteries, adapts perfectly to the most varied conditions, guaranteeing optimal performance even on dirt and uneven roads, maintaining a towing capacity of up to 4500 kg and 1630 kg of capacity at chassis. Thanks to their resistance and versatility, Alke' off-road vehicles are suitable for any use, even on the road.



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