ATEX and EX certified 4 seater vehicles with load compartment: these Flame-Proof electric vehicles are designed to operate in complete safety in high-risk explosion areas. Ideal for transporting a work team and goods up to 1,350 kg!

Flame-Proof electric vehicles ATEX EX ALKE' 4 seater
Flame-Proof electric vehicles ATEX EX ALKE' 4 seater
Electric vehicles with a 1,350 Kg payload

The general electric system was optimized so as to make the vehicle highly performing, by reducing to a minimum the risk of sparks of a non-electrical nature or overheating. The particular treatment which they are subjected to guarantees complete safety which makes them suitable for use for categories 2G, 3G, M2 thus eliminating the risk of explosion. The brakes are equipped with wear and temperature probes to avoid any formation of sparks caused by the rubbing between metals and the rise of temperature beyond the required limit. The engine temperature parameters and the onboard electronics are constantly monitored as well via sensors which, in case of overheating, stop the vehicle immediately.

Flame-Proof electric vehicles 4 seater Technical Specifications

Flame-Proof vehicles 2G Heavy Duty 240 EDH
Seats available 4 with three-point safety belt
Maximum towing capacity 4,000 kg
Maximum range 95 km
Maximum negotiable slope 20%
Loading bed capacity 1,350 kg
Maximum steering radius 400 cm

The ATEX electric vehicles allow you to rapidly maximize your investment thanks to the particular internal structure, designed to easily move people around, without limiting the vehicle’s efficiency and workability. The passenger compartment is designed to accommodate up to 4 people ensuring a rear loading capacity that can meet even important transport needs, which comfortably carries all kinds of tools, equipment and gear. In addition, depending on the models, they guarantee a loading capacity of up to 1,350kg and a towing capacity up to 4,000kg which, combined with maneuver agility, enable you to move large volumes. A "reset" system allows movement of the electric vehicle outside the danger zone. The system is provided with a bipolar battery isolator emergency switch.





ATEX Vehicles can be customized according to operational needs thanks to numerous optional modules. You can, for example, vary the structure of the back part of the passenger compartment by inserting a linear bench instead of the two seats thus gaining even more space. This vehicle can also be equipped with two additional removable seats that can be placed, if necessary, at the rear of the body thus increasing its flexibility. The seats, furthermore, can be customized to accommodate operators with tanks for initial intervention or special equipment. The seats are covered with antistatic material (in vehicles 2G/2D/M2). A Cabin with 4 sliding side doors can also be mounted on these vehicles.

These 4 seater vehicles  can also be equipped with removable/replaceable battery packs which allow for 24/7 operational feasibility


The small size of the vehicles and the ability to function even on slopes with up to 20% inclination allow easy access even on rough ground. The four wheels are antistatic. The accessories such as flashing beacon, reversing buzzer and lights are explosion-proof.

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