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Electric vehicles for Facility Management

Alke electric vehicles are extremely versatile, so they are able to meet the multiple needs of facility management companies. From logistics to maintenance, they can respond efficiently to customer requirements.


Why you should choose Alke' vehicles for Facility Management:

  • They are extremely versatile and therefore able to respond to multiple needs
  • Hundreds of configurations available
  • Possibility to equip them with a Cloud Platform for fleet management
  • Extremely robust and high-performance


Electric vehicle for logistics - Facility Management - Alkè


Facility Management: what it is and all the services it covers

Facility management is primarily understood as everything that relates to the management of buildings together with their facilities and related services. It also includes cleaning services, company catering, concierge, gardening, company fleet, security, etc. Facility management has the task of managing and coordinating work space so that it is functional and 'comfortable' for employees, while contributing to the company core objectives. Facility management can be provided to companies, public bodies, organisations in general. Its aim is to create a quality working environment at the same time, at the best possible economic conditions. With Alkè electric vehicles all this is possible. In fact, these are ecological vehicles allowing considerable savings to be achieved in the medium to long term, compared to other types.


Maintenance and gardening vehicle - Facility Management - Alkè


Alke electric vehicles: ideal for facility management

Alke' electric work vehicles are extremely versatile. They have hundreds of configurations to choose from depending on the task at hand. Very often these set-ups are also easily interchangeable, so that several tasks can be performed with one vehicle. These factors make them ideal vehicles for the services to be performed by facility management companies. From logistics, to maintenance, to security, to green maintenance, Alke vehicles can efficiently handle all these tasks. They are extremely robust and high-performance vehicles, with load capacities (chassis) of up to 1630 kg and towing capacities (in private areas) of up to 4500 kg. They also guarantee considerable cost savings in terms of both operation and maintenance.


Ecological vehicle with closed box for facility management activities


Configurations and technology for facility management

Depending on the type of activity to be performed, Alkè offers a wide range of fittings. Among those most commonly requested by facility management companies are the loading platform with opening tailgates, the closed box with side shutters, and steel mesh sides. These types of outfitting are used for routine maintenance, logistics and green maintenance activities. Alke' also offers vehicles for security and surveillance activities. In the case of vehicle fleets, it can be useful to equip Alkè vehicles with the fleet management cloud platform. This device provides real-time data on the operation of the vehicles as well as the possibility of viewing reports to assess performance or make diagnoses.


Zero-emission vehicles for facility management activities


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