With Alkè electric vehicles you can have 10.600 Euros of energy saving.
Calculate the cost for the fuel for the diesel and petrol vehicle with the following parameters:
Hours per day
Days a week
Months a year
Energy saving equal to 0 €
How we got this result:


These are the results obtained with the values for 4 years of use:
Cost of the electricity for an electric vehicle ATX200E: 1.800,00 €
Cost of the fuel for a petrol vehicle ATX200: 12.000,00 €
Cost of the fuel for a diesel vehicle ATX200Dk: 10.800,00 €
Cost of the fuel for a diesel vehicle ATX200Dk 4x4: 10.800,00 €


Electric engines with separate excitation, used by electric vehicles Alkè, have a theoretical efficiency of 85%.

This is the basic characteristic that made possible a truly remarkable result. Another important factor to reach this result is the energy recovery in the stopping phase. During braking operations electric engines with separate excitation with a power of 6 kW (peak of 17.5 kW) of the ATX vehicle, work as a dynamo and generate energy. This energy, instead of being wasted in heat from brakes, is sent to the drive batteries. This make possible for the electric vehicle to get lower average consumption and consequently higher range and also better general energy efficiency.

This test was made in some holiday villages and vehicles used were Alkè ATX. The main work was to carry loads of various weight and type with many starts and stops for load and unload goods. Electric vehicles were charged once at the end of the working day. The route on wich moved electric and conventional vehicle was the same for the three categories and was various: asphalted road , uphill road (underground garage ramps), beaches, etc.
Vehicles were used on average 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. The only limitation that has been taken into account for this test is the autonomy of batteries of the electric vehicles, which is about 70 km. Electric vehicles Alkè have minimised the waste of energy. Keep in mind that the energy produced during a full day of work of the battery set of an electric vehicle is equal to that contained in 1.1 liters of petrol, with so little energy you can carry up to 600 kg. 
A very important aspect is how this energy is achieved. For this reason a lot of our partners started offering solutions that depart from generating electricity in an ecological way until an use that is as efficient as possible.


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Costs of energy used to carry out the various calculations
cost electricity: 0.15 € kWh *
cost diesel / petrol: 1.5 € liter *


The calculation is purely indicative, the data reported cannot be updated on the current situation.

(*) Reference cost for fuel/electricity: prices of the italian market , July 2008, the period is 4 years which is the average life of a set of batteries.