Luxury residences have the necessity to maintain continuous respect for their guests, therefore they choose Alke' electric vehicles that offer strength and resilience in the hardests conditions.

Electric Vehicles for residences
Vehicles for residence maintenance
Electric vehicles for luxury residences

The Alke' electric vehicles ATX210E are used in the most luxurious residences in the world including Palm City. This recently built, innovative 5 star residence uses Alke' ATX210E vehicles for it's maintenance jobs. 

Here are some of the challenges overcome thanks to Alke' electric vehicles: 

  • High temperatures during use and very high temperature swings between night and day.
  • Electric vehicles can work even on sandy terrain.
  • Dirt roads with  steep slopes.
  • Loading bay customisation  of the whole electric vehicle fleet.
  • Need for silent vehicles.

Let's see the various points in detail:

High temperature during use: When it results necessary to use electric vehicles in the summer in difficult conditions, transporting heavy loads up to 400/500Kg up steep slopes, the electric engine is subject to extreme stress, reason for which Alke' vehicles have an exclusive and state-of-the-art cooling system.

Sandy terrain: As with nearly all residences near the sea, the presence of sand can create quite a few problems to non professional electric vehicles. Alke' cars on the other hand, thanks to engines capable of supplying a constant, smooth flow of energy, manage to avoid possible sliding and loss of grip on even the most difficult terrain, such as sand.

Dirt roads with steep slopes: In residences situated in particular contexts, it can be possible to find highly irregular tracts of road, often with slopes. This is why Alkè electric vehicles have been studied to be fully operative on this kind of terrain, even with slopes up to 40%.

Loading bay customization: All Alke' electric vehicles are customizable, therefore encountering even the most demanding needs. The loading bay for example, has a broad range of fittings for the most various types of use (from garden waste to laundry transportation during room cleaning, or guest luggage transfer within the residence, etc. )

Need for silent vehicles: In a residence, as in most receptive structures, the need to put guests at there ease is of foremost importance, so the necessity for silent vehicles is in constant growth. This is why tourist structures use Alke' electric vehicles that combine silence and zero pollution.

Alke' ATX210E vehicles, apart from being an optimal solution for these specific needs, are also extremely competitive. The Palm City residence has chosen them for the following specific characteristics

  • Simple to use.
  • Very competitive price/performace comparison.
  • High quality product.
  • Loading bay customisation of the whole electric vehicle fleet.
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