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Electric vehicles: vehicles with 0 CO2 emission

Every Alkè electric vehicle is zero CO2 emission, but what are CO2 emissions and how are they calculated?


Alkè electric vehicles at 0 carbon dioxide CO2

  • What are CO2 emissions and what do they mean?
  • How emissions are calculated
  • Reducing emissions also through sustainable mobility


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Carbon dioxide - How it is created

All our daily actions have an impact on the environment in terms of kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is created by a reaction between a carbon atom that bonds to two oxygen atoms, creating the molecular formula we all know as CO2. This bond creates a natural, inert, colourless and odourless gas that is present in the environment and is an important element in natural cycles. By absorbing CO2, plants and trees produce oxygen and eliminate excess CO2. For this reason, it is vital to preserve the forests that have been the lungs of our planet since ancient times. For millions of years, this natural process has provided the optimal conditions for plants and animals to thrive on the Earth.


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What are CO2 and what do they involve?

Unfortunately, increasingly intense human activities have started to cause unbalance in natural dynamics, determining global warming. The excessive use of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil has grown exponentially over the years. The need for heating and to generate electricity with the combustion of these materials has increased the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which has become the main cause of the greenhouse effect. The CO2 produced from the use of these fossil fuels in transportation and industrial and energy activities in general, are added to other gases. These conditions enormously magnify the values of atmospheric emissions and increase global warming.


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How are the emissions calculated?

Carbon Footprinting is used today to check the values that have been reached in the atmosphere, which represents the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activities. According to the Kyoto Protocol, it is expressed by the totality of the gas emissions associated with the CO2 created in the stages of production of a product. The value obtained from all the greenhouse gases emitted in the production phase is expressed in terms of CO2 equivalent. For example a 500 gr box of beef has a carbon footprint equal to 165 kg of Co2 equivalent, one litre of milk equals 17 kg of Co2 equivalent, a 1 kg box of coffee 74 kg.


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Reduce emissions with sustainable mobility

Everyone can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by changing their behaviour or making certain choices. Today, awareness and sensitivity to the problems associated with climate change are growing as its effects are clearly visible to all. This is why Alkè, in addition to making zero-emission vehicles, is committed to adopting an environmental policy that reduces the amount of CO2 emitted per vehicle produced. The transport sector has already been working for some years to reduce fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The environmental implications of major fuel types such as petrol, diesel, LPG and natural gas have raised awareness among car manufacturers and propelled them towards a future of environmental protection and energy saving. European Union governments have set parameters for new car emission limits and performance levels in a Regulation (EC No. 443/2009), implemented by the European Parliament and the Council. Manufacturers will have to ensure emission limits for both light and heavy vehicles from 2015, according to the Regulation. Drivers will also be involved in the process of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as green driving can be achieved by scheduling proper maintenance and following certain Ecodriving rules. Green technologies including environmentally friendly diesels, hybrid engines and zero-emission electric vehicles are no longer a hypothesis of the near future but a reality.


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