Electric Vehicles ATX210E

The best-selling electrical vehicle.

Electric Vehicles ATX210E
ATX210E are professional zero emission electric vehicles with road omologation, loading capacity (chassis) of 635 kg and towing capacity of 2.000 kg.


The ATX210E is a L7e European road omologated vehicle with AC motors of 8 kW (14 kW peak), double speed mode (ECO & SPORT), motor brake system with energy recovery, best in class 385 A Curtis controller, 8x6 V (8.7 kWh) or 4x12 V (9 kWh) drive batteries and on-board high frequency charger to plug wherever you need.

Electric vehicle for city applications
Urban electric vehicle
ATX 210E electric pickup
The ATX210E fits independent Mac Pherson front suspensions and De-Dion axle with a stabilizer bar at the rear assuring permanent all wheels grip, even on rough ground, avoiding possible skidding or loss of control.
Other standard assets are: dual circuit hydraulic brakes, parking brake, front and rear double tongue tow bars, differential guard, headlight, tail lights, safety strobe light, stop and hazard lights, horn, 12 V on-board plug, loading bed with aluminum drop sides and steel full-height cargo barrier with roll bar function.

The ATX210E and ATX110E versions are different thank to their rear cargo bed and wheelbase dimensions. For the ATX201E, the rear cargo bed presents 180 cm of width.

Why choose the ATX210E professional electric vehicles?

  • Load capacity of 635 Kg
  • L7e European road omologation
  • Complete charge cost: 1.5 Euro
  • Made in Italy


ATX210E electric vehicles: technical specs and catalogue


ATX210E - Alke electric vehicles - dimensions



Maximum speed 44 km/h Maximum speed is indicative and evaluated on flat ground under optimal conditions of usage in SPORT mode. 
Autonomy 70 km Autonomy is indicative and evaluated on flat route under optimal conditions of use, ECO mode with proper and energy-saver driving style, maximum speed 30 km/h.
Width 127 cm The small width allows to operate in restricted areas. The cargo bed's width is 180 cm.
ATX210E - offroad electric vehicle
Rough ground electric vehicle
Electric pickup loading

ATX210E are professional electric vehicles designed to resist work loads of more than 8 hours a day. Finishes are cared for in every detail. The modern dashboard laid out like that of a car allows the user to keep all the vehicle tools and commands under control at all times.
For demanding environmental and climatic conditions a cab or half-cab may be fitted, and there is also the possibility of a Webasto internal heating system. 

Electric tipper van
ATX210E with cargo bed
Electric tipper van.
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