Electric vehicle for cemetery maintenance

Quiet, ecological vehicles for use in cemeteries

electric vehicle cemetery maintenance

An electric coffin-transporter that's versatile and easy to use, with a personalised loading area. It can be used inside cemeteries for both routine jobs and extraordinary tasks such as renovation work.

electric cemetery vehicle drop sides
Electric cemetery vehicle with drop sides
Loading area with removable drop sides


The Alkè range of professional electric vehicles is distinguished by a high degree of personalisation options covering numerous sectors and tasks (often with just one vehicle). We have vehicles for transporting loads, equipment or people, and vehicles for dealing with greenery, disposing of waste or handling cemetery-related tasks.

Thanks to their versatility, with a cargo bed and a removable person-carrier module, the electric coffin-transporters are ideal for use inside the cemetery. Small and easy to handle, they're perfect for a varied range of tasks.


Maximum load capacity 635 kg
Cargo bed length (depending on the version) 180 cm / 200 cm
Turning radius 320 cm


Why you should choose an Alkè electric vehicle for cemetery maintenance
  • Completely electric and therefore quiet
  • Ecological
  • Versatile (a range of tasks, with just one vehicle)
  • Personalised loading area


electric coffin transporter

These golf carts designed for cemetery use are ideal not only for the cemetery worker or gravedigger who needs to transport bodies, but also for routine jobs and extraordinary maintenance tasks such as renovation work.

Thanks to their ample cargo bed, our vehicles are suitable for transporting not just coffins but also all the materials and equipment needed for cemetery maintenance or renovation tasks. The standard 180cm cargo bed guarantees an excellent load capacity, but if more space is needed there is also a version - in the ATX range - with a 200cm cargo bed.

Alkè vehicles are ideal for the cemetery sector: operating quietly and producing zero emissions, movements can be made from one area to another with the utmost respect for the nature of the place itself. They're also compact and very easy to drive, even where there's little room for manoeuvring.

Alkè coffin-transporting vehicles can be equipped with various accessories to meet the customer's needs: doors with sliding windows, a cabin fitted out with comforts such as air-conditioning and/or an electric or Webasto heating system.


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