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Electric utility vehicles road test Alke'


Electric utility vehicles road test


Alke' has always invested considerable resources and effort in testing its electric utility vehicles. Discover the robustness and performance of Alkè vehicles through the results of road tests.



Road test with load on electric utility vehicle


Test drive with load on electric pickup

Alke electric vehicles have a maximum load capacity of 1630 kg (per chassis). These vehicles are designed to meet the needs of the most varied sectors. They are used for road, industrial, tourist and even off-road transport operations. Thanks to their robust chassis, Alke' electric utility vehicles can easily pass road tests with a full load. These tests are passed without difficulty, also because Alkè vehicles adopt components and technical solutions that make them unique in terms of robustness and reliability. Alkè's twenty years of professional experience comes directly from the off-road and industrial sectors, where reliability is the key to every vehicle.


Towing test of a work vehicle Alke'


Towing test performed by an Alkè work vehicle

Another test that Alke work vehicles have always passed brilliantly is the towing test, carried out during test drives requested by customers. Thanks to their power, Alke vehicles have a maximum towing capacity of 4,500 kg (not on public roads). This type of test also leaves customers pleasantly surprised. They can tow fully loaded trailers, caravans on campsites and even small planes without any problems. All while maintaining a smooth ride.


Uphill test drive with electric vehicle Alke'


Uphill test drive with electric utility vehicle

Full-load vehicle starting from standstill on a ramp. The test of the uphill start is very important as the start from standstill is critical for any electric motor. This test was successfully passed thanks to the maximum torque at 0 rpm of the electric vehicles, which are able to tackle ramps with a slope of up to 35%. Even with this type of test, the Alkè electric vans do not show the slightest hesitation and demonstrate their full power. After passing this test they are used both on hills and mountains to the great satisfaction of customers.


Driving an electric vehicle in extreme temperatures


Driving an electric vehicle in extreme temperatures

Alke' electric utility vehicles can also work in extreme temperatures. Proof of this is that they have been operating for years in critical environments such as the frozen moors of northern Europe or the extreme temperatures of the Sahara desert or other remote locations in the Middle East and Africa. As well as maintaining high performance even in these types of environments, they can cope with the critical non-road terrain that characterises them, such as sand, snow or ice.


Off-road test of electric commercial vehicle


Off-road test of electric commercial vehicle

One of the tests that most surprises customers of Alkè electric utility vehicles is undoubtedly the off-road test. These vehicles have performances comparable to 4x4 vehicles in the same category. The construction quality that characterises them makes them unique in terms of robustness and reliability. Even on the roughest terrain they maintain a high level of driving comfort. Alke commercial vehicles have passed tests on all types of terrain: sand, dirt, snow and grass.



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