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Transport on dirt roads in a mountain village - Alkè electric vehicle

In a mountain village with an Alke vehicle

An Alke' ATX was delivered to a rural accommodation located in one of the most remote villages in Spain. After a few days of testing, the owner of the accommodation was won over by the high performance of this electric vehicle, even uphill and off-road.


What determined the choice of the Alke electric vehicle

  • High performance even on and off-road
  • High load capacity: up to 1630 kg (chassis)
  • 100% electric: ecological and silent
  • Extremely compact: only 140 cm wide


Electric vehicle mountain, hill, off-road


An environmentally friendly and quiet vehicle ideal for mountain use

An Alke electric vehicle was purchased by the owner of a rural accommodation in Bulnes, Spain. This is one of the most remote villages in Spain and until 2001, when the funicular was built, it was only accessible on foot via a footpath that took at least two hours to walk. During the test days it was investigated whether the vehicle could enter the funicular and reach the rural accommodation loaded with supplies of up to 700 kg. The test was passed brilliantly. The customer is thrilled to be able to rely on an environmentally friendly and quiet vehicle in such an unspoilt location.


Ecological vehicle for mountain transport


Mountain freight and passenger transport

The requirements to be met by the Alke electric vehicle were many. A compact vehicle was needed, both to enter the funicular and to pass through the paths of the mountain village. Another need was the high load capacity required for the vehicle to transport goods to the accommodation. There was also the need to transport accommodation guests from the funicular to the B&B. All this in a mountain village with climbs and off-road roads. The Alke' vehicle responded with flying colours to all these needs, with the added bonus of being totally electric, and therefore ecological and silent. In an environment like this, this is certainly a feature not to be underestimated.


Compact vehicle on a funicular in the mountains


Main characteristics of Alkè electric vehicles

Alke electric vehicles are professional transport vehicles, 100% made in Italy, designed for use in the toughest and most demanding conditions. They have a load capacity of up to 1,630 kg at chassis and a towing capacity of up to 4,500 kg (in a private area). Autonomy is up to 200 km with lithium batteries. They are all homologated for road use but have high performance off-road as well. They are extremely customisable vehicles, with hundreds of fittings and accessories to choose from.


Tipper work vehicle




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